This is the one: Planning app (debate)

This is more of a horses for courses topic. I’ve tried in the past to use one productivity app for everything. I’ve somehow ended up the situation where I just throw a bunch of random, unorganised nonsense into OneNote – gone are the days of my meticulously organised notebooks 😦

I then attempted to do the same with Wunderlist, and again with Trello. I then tried to link all my stuff with IFTTT and then with Microsoft Flow. I even tried just using my calendar and a spreadsheet. What I now have is bits and pieces all over the show, with nothing really to show for it.

I then realised that I was kind of already separating my workflows out into different apps. I tried using Trello as a shopping list – it was terrible. Wunderlist is definitely the way to go on that front. I tried using Wunderlist to keep my recipes – Trello’s card interface with checklist/description options and photos on the cards proved more suited for that use case.

I tried using OneNote to track the status of my ongoing projects at the overview level – why would I do something so insane when Trello is clearly made for that? I tried to use Wunderlist to keep notes about my tasks – as a OneNote user for over 5 years, I should know better by now. Or rather, Microsoft should know better.

Either way, just because I’ve been doing something a certain way for a long time, doesn’t mean that it is still the best way to do it. Currently, I do the following:

  • Trello: Track projects, recipes, meal planning, school assignments
  • Wunderlist: Shopping list, daily work tasks
  • calendar: Household activities, workout calendar
  • OneNote: Detailed project notes, school notes, everything else

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