A selection of what I’m currently listening to

A comment under this video pointed out to me that near the end she sings “all up in my George Foreman” aka all up in my grill. I have listened to this song many times in the 9 years (!) since it came out, and I never once heard that line before seeing that comment.

Basically everything that xKito posts:


Melodic dubstep

Future bass

More future bass

Even more future bass

I can’t stop listening to future bass




And back to the early 2000s


Trying out new things: KFC

The experience: KFC

The location: Shell Garage, Stellenbosch

The situation: We were leaving Stellenbosch disappointed because our favourite sushi chef was not working that night. Rahul was moaning about wanting KFC and I was too hungry to care.

The test: The 6-piece family treat. Sides: 2 snack burgers, zinger wings, mash & gravy. Extra: 2 Krushers (Pina colada and strawberry lemonade).

The analysis: I feel like I need to give some background. Rahul comes from a tiny ass village in the Eastern Cape, and his parents were very frugal. The few times a year they got takeout, it would be KFC (since there were no other options). As such, he associated KFC with fun times. On the other hand, being a city girl, I had repeated exposure to multiple fast food chains my whole life. This allowed me to pick favourites. KFC was not one of them. The chicken was oily and gross about 75% of the time. We did discover on our August holiday that the one in Malmesbury is top notch, but it’s not like we’re going back to Malmesbury anytime soon.

So I was super annoyed when I agreed to KFC that night in Stellenbosch. We decided to eat on the patio there because the weather was nice. My word. It was amazing. I am not one to rant about fast food, but that chicken was insane. No extra oil, nice sized pieces, chips fried correctly, mash and gravy nice and hot…and that pina colada krusher was the perfect mix of drink during the meal, and dessert for after.

The verdict: 


This is the one: Smartphone edition #3 (decision)

Last week Sunday I realised that I would be without a phone from the next day. Having long grown tired of carrying around two phones all year, some quick Googling and five minutes later a Takealot order was placed for this:




I declared a while ago that phones no longer interest me (with a few caveats), a situation which only grew worse the longer I had the Huawei. I had to quickly find a dual sim phone which would not irritate the crap out of me. The Hisense seemed to be a good choice. Also, rose gold.



I never understood The Oatmeal comics about Sriracha, because we didn’t used to get those products here. A few weeks ago, Rahul brought a bottle of the sauce home from Checkers. It is amazing.

Last week, we were aimlessly wandering around out local Checkers, as we are inclined to do on Sunday mornings, when I went to the salt section (which I never do). It was here that I discovered Sriracha salt. I would be lying if I said we have not had a meal this week without it. Anything that requires normal salt now gets Sriracha salt instead.



I won something for the second time ever!

After celebrating last week after I won something for the first time, I got a sms yesterday morning saying that I won one of the three glass cookware sets that the PNP up the road was giving away last week.

The SO and I had driven from the Woolies across the road from us to the other Woolies 6 minutes away 2 Friday nights ago because we were looking for rotisserie chicken (smoothies were not going to cut it). Of course, it being after 7pm already, all the chickens were sold out. We then trudged to the PNP to get chicken there.

As we left the deli counter, hubby noticed a sign on top saying if you spent >R100 at the bakery or deli you could enter the competition. On a whim, I asked the person who helped us about it (she didn’t know anything about it, nor did the bakery lady). Turns out the entry box was under the customer care counter (???). The guy checked and said there were only 2 slips inside, so mine was the 3rd in.

Hubby mentioned it on Saturday, wondering if we were going to win or not. I said it was probably one of those competitions where they never actually award the prize…

I ended up using the 2.5l bowl to store the lunch food for the week (slowcooked chicken and stirfry veg in a creamy thyme sauce) and the middle bowl to store tomorrow’s supper and Friday’s lunch (ostrich sausage bredie with butter beans). Thanks PNP!


I won something for the first time ever!

This popped up in my twitter feed on Wednesday

So I did this

Then this happened

That’s how I ended up on the Nasdak last night with my go-to friend for nonsense and relaxation.

A lame panoramic photo taking with the weakass camera on my stupid phone. Does not do the view justice at all.

A lame panoramic photo taking with the weakass camera on my stupid phone. Does not do the view justice at all.

The Nasdak is a very chilled place to hang out, although the bar requires some restocking (seriously, how can you not have crushed ice when you know you are having an event). That aside, Chad and team gave an excellent performance – I really loved the stripped down versions of his songs. It was very interesting to people-watch as well.

Thanks to Spree for the tickets!