On all this Rick and Morty bullshit

When Rick and Morty was first announced, I added it to my watchlist. This was back when I was actively watching series (i.e. before I got married). I added it because it’s co-created by Dan Harmon, who I will forever love because of Community #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

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And it introduced me to John Oliver #Feminism #NotMyChristian

I didn’t actually end up watching it, because of my “It has to last at least 2 seasons before committing” rule, and also because I lost the spreadsheet I made the list in. When hubs and I went away on holiday in August, we decided to binge two series we both hadn’t seen: Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Rick and Morty.

I could write a whole post about Curb, but all I will say for now is that I love it, and we’re trying to finish it before the new season comes out. Also we have started watching Seinfeld because of Larry.

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My other soulmate (with the approval of the hubs)


There have been several articles lately about how terrible Rick and Morty fans are. I came across this phenomenon on Reddit a couple of months ago, before I started watching the show. I’d be browsing some random subreddit, when a comment would pop up about how much Rick and Morty rules, and how it now sucks because Dan and Justin hired (gasp!) female writers. In particular, an episode of Season 3 called “Pickle Rick” was being blasted continuously.

At the time, I had no idea what any of that nonsense meant. Now that I’ve watched the show, I still don’t know what those people are on about. The show is funny, it’s smart, it delivers commentary on the pointlessness of existence. That’s all great. I didn’t notice any change in tone of the show after the female writers were hired.

Also, these “fans” seem to think that one needs to be of a higher intellectual level to enjoy the show, because of all the callbacks and Easter eggs. Uh, if that’s what’s required to watch Rick and Morty, then I think one needs to be evil genius status to watch Arrested Development.

Filming right now in Long Beach! (Source: Reddit)

Just because you need to rewatch each episode 3 times in order to get aaaaall the references does not make you smart (ignore the poor sentence structure). As usual, we can’t have anything nice.

Except for this Pickle Rick Future Bass Remix below!


My experience using Windows 10 Mobile: An analysis.

It sucks. It sucks so badly. The only reason I switched to the Insider Preview in December was because I was sick of the interminable loading dots and app crashes.

Well, on 10 I can say that the dots are still there, though not the app crashes. Whatsapp is as slow as ever. I do like the cleaner look and feel, and the fact that I can now use the Garmin Connect app on the phone, but there is nothing on Windows 10 Mobile that I would recommend above Windows Phone 8.1.

I’ve formulated an opinion, based on some facts and some anecdotal evidence I’ve gathered (partly from my own experience with Windows Phone over the last 3 years, and my family’s experiences). This opinion is that most of the “official” apps for Windows Phone were coded as afterthoughts.

The Whatsapp app should be fast because it’s been optimised for the OS. Clearly it is not. The same goes for Shazam. Although if Microsoft can’t even do it for their own in-house apps like Edge/Explorer or Office, then why would anyone else?

It is frustrating.


How do I schedule my schedule?

During induction, we did the “4 personality types” exercise. I hadn’t performed this exercise in a formalised manner before, but it turned out to be very helpful. Below is an example of the grid:

Here’s another one:

I fall firmly within the Analytical square. Taken from Think2By2:

The Analytical personality falls in the quadrant formed by the boundaries of Introvert/Thinker. Individuals in this quadrant are generally described as being logical, thorough, serious, systematic, prudent, cautious, and compliant. This personality type emphasizes working conscientiously to ensure quality and accuracy. Analytical personalities tend to focus on tasks, seek details and facts, and need structure. Positive descriptors include perfectionist, questioning, idealistic, sensitive, self-disciplined, and precise. Negative descriptors or weaknesses include moody, negative, critical, rigid, legalistic, touchy, self-centered, unsociable, and impractical. Examples of the Analytical personality type include Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.

I’ve suffered a long time from what I now know is called “analysis paralysis”. It occurs when an Analytical gets caught up in gathering facts, making lists, and analysing pros and cons to the point where nothing actually gets done or the deadline passes.

It’s why I took so long to build my home server, and why my home network config is still not complete, and I actually have to redo everything because of some stuff that’s happening.

I’m currently suffering through it now with my scheduling/note-taking/tracking tools. I have no idea how to keep track of everything anymore. Before I would just do OneNote, and that was all I needed. However, my tracking needs have grown quite a bit over the last year, so I added Wunderlist to my toolset.

It doesn’t still quite do what I want to do though, so I spent a bit of time testing out all the task management tools, how they integrate with my current environment etc. Basically, I ended up wasting more time deciding on what tools I needed to use so that I wouldn’t waste time. There’s a reason why this blog is called Overthinking.

I have 3 accounts to manage: personal, school, and work. My personal account is imploding slowly into a mess of personal emails, newsletters, notifications, bills and appointments. My school account is about to get busy now that my registration was approved. My work account will descend into madness (even though it’s only been 3 weeks) because I am involved in a bunch of projects already.

I’v been sticking it out with Wunderlist, because since Microsoft acquired them, I have been looking forward to OneNote integration. That’s the dream.

In the meantime, I’ve got a disgusting combination of:

  • Wunderlist tasks, which show up in my personal calendar (regardless of whether it’s a work, personal or school task)
  • Office desktop apps for my work account (I no longer use the task tracking in Outlook to link with OneNote)
  • Outlook.com web interface for personal account
  • Mobile apps for everything

I’m feeling quite irritated with the general state of things. I even thought about coding something to help me, at which point I knew I had to just stop.


Things have been a bit quiet around lately

I know, I know, I mentioned this before. For real though, I got sick again (my allergies have really kicked into overdrive this year). Despite the injection really helping, returning to work today (to a unpredictable aircon) set me back a few days.

I spent a good part of the day coughing, but at least it wasn’t the post-nasal-dripping cough of last week. I should survive this time. I’m going through some other stuff as well – seriously, things are just snowballing out of control. I also just noticed as I’m typing that my fingers are starting to their age. Ugh.


Being nice is definitely overrated

I just spoke about this other day, and now I have definitive proof. I have two stories to tell.

My Vodacom contract ends on soon, so I got ready to go into battle with them. I want to change to prepaid asap, so that I can do this asap. This means that the day my contract ends, it needs to be cancelled and my number converted to prepaid. I got a bit antsy when I noticed that my last payment would be my full installment, instead of a pro-rated amount.

I laid a complaint on HelloPeter, and while I got a standard response, no one got back to me. So I threw my toys out of the cot on Twitter:

and almost immediately got contacted by Vodacom Support. A few hours later, someone from the Social Media team phoned me and explained the billing system, and that it’s not really set up to facilitate pro-rated billing in the last month etc etc. I asked why could they pro-rate me at the start of the contract, since I started in the middle of the month, but they can’t do it at the end, because surely then the amounts will balance out?

I was then informed that most people rather just stick with the full payment in the last month, because if their contract ends in the middle of the month and they convert to prepaid, they lose their bundles. That’s why most people prefer to stick it out until the end of the month.

I must admit, I lost it a little bit when I heard that. Most people? Am I most people? My contract ends 24 months after I signed it, and I want to change to prepaid on that day. Why must I hang around until the end of the month in fear of losing my bundles which I have paid for?

After raising my voice (and giving her major attitude, which was uncalled for :-/), she said she would need to escalate it. An hour later I get a call from a Senior Consultant, who, after laying out some options for me, informed me that yes, they can process the cancellation on the date my contract ends, convert to prepaid, and remove the charge for the unused bundles from my account. Now was that so hard? Why did I have to be rude first?

The second story is about my sister. A few weeks ago, there was a mix-up with a hotel booking she made. Long story short, the hotel had to refund her money. To date, she has still not received her money back. I told her to phone them, or go into to see the manager, lose her mind, and watch the money appear in her account within two days. She didn’t, and here we are, still waiting.

When she asked my dad to send them a curt email two days ago, the manager responds immediately, and the hotel sends a payment notification yesterday. The money hasn’t appeared yet, but there’s a plausible two day delay between the different banks. My point is, going in with guns blazing seems to be the only way to get things done the proper way in this country. People have been allowing businesses to dictate how we as clients should be treated, when those businesses would not exist without clients.


Viewing fitness in a different light

This post on Lifehacker basically confirmed what I have been doing all year during My Epic Revamp. At the start, I would beat myself up if I hit a plateau, and then try to change everything at the same time so that the number on the scale would move.

Fortunately, I got over that pretty quickly. Any form of progress I make, I chalk up as a win. Chest doesn’t pull tight during workouts anymore? Win. Visual improvement in the appearance of biceps? Win. Waist feeling firmer and tighter to the touch despite no cm loss? Win. Finding the perfect balance of proteins and carbs for breakfast to feel sated? Win.

The same goes for the mistakes I made. Carb cycled too long and developed a keto rash? Win, because now I know how long I can do high protein before it has adverse affects on my skin. Carb cycled in order to reduce my body fat% when it barely made a dent in it? Win, because carb cycling seems to help more when one is already at a fairly normal body fat %, and mine is still too high.

I’ve also realised that a longer workout != a better workout. Initially, when I could only do light jabbing for about 15 minutes before giving up, being able to get through a longer workout was all that mattered. Now that I can easily do an intense workout for over an hour, I know that adding more time to the workout would just be a waste of my time. Rather, I try to increase the intensity by incorporating a few Tabatas, or simply by “going deep into the move” with Shaun T.

Wanting to be fit was never a thing for me – I figured it was something for sporty people, something I definitely was not. Now that I am so far along on this journey, I see the benefits being fit has on everyday life. I can walk around the mall for much longer, and I’m much more aware of my muscles (and in control of my body).


I’m starting to think that being nice is overrated

I’ve always been “nice”. People would always regularly compliment my parents about how nice their daughters are, how polite etc etc.

My niceness, and natural shyness, along with my introverted personality, combined to give off a vibe of submissiveness – basically, I used to be a pushover. Certain people (I guess I would call them “haters”?) would “boss” me around, or say whatever they felt like saying about me (25% to my face, 75% behind my back), resting well in the fact that I would not retaliate. They were right.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been changing. I’ve discovered that what I thought was a core part of my personality – my “niceness” – is not actually a natural part of it.

I still believe in being polite and respectful, but it works both ways. I could have saved myself a lot of grief during my teens by being a bit more assertive. My university experience would also have been a lot better, if instead of internalising everything, I actually expressed things to the people it needed to be expressed to. That expression could have been in the form of some assertive phrasing, or perhaps a more physical expression, who knows.

The point is, in the short time that I have not tolerated any nonsense, I have achieved much more, in a faster time period, than I would have if I had gone the “nice” route first. It’s sad, really.

I know that I will get a faster, personal response from FNB if I immediately tweet something snarky @RBJacobs, than if I wasted a lunch break by waiting quietly in line at a branch, only to not be helped.

I moaned about my defective/inadequate work laptop for over a year to my colleagues. Once I went to my manager and stated the facts (“The laptop is inadequate for my work, it is restricting my progress and not allowing me to complete tasks effectively”), a new laptop was ordered for me within that same week, according to the specs I wanted needed.

I asked my insurance broker why my car insurance did not cover the full retail value of my car, and she said it was not up to her to check those things. I immediately cancelled my contract with her company, did not entertain any requests to reconsider and changed to a different insurance company (who offered me R130 off my old premium, for the full value of my car).

When I go into a store, I make use of my RBF. I get quicker service that way. I am now embracing the fact that because the natural set of my face makes me look crabby all the time, people will just assume that I am that way, so I may as well act like it when it’s to my advantage.