A minor setback

I was quite transparent on this blog last year about My Epic Revamp. I did that not only to help dispel some of the fitness myths out there (including ones I believed), but also to create a living document of sorts where I could back and see how far I’ve come.

I need to do that now, as I have gained 8kg back since the wedding. I know exactly why it happened. Besides the gym demotivation and trying to get used to a terrible daily routine, I stopped watching what I ate.

I know that my body will keep trying to revert back to what it considered to be the status quo, no matter how far I am into maintenance. That’s exactly it though – I wasn’t in maintenance, I was supposed to be in training.

I know I’m in the danger zone currently – that’s why I’m we’re back on the controlled eating plan (I’ll talk more about that in another post).


Goodbye to gym, again

After much discussion, the SO and I have decided to quit gym. After my failed attempts at gym in 2013, and the results I achieved in 2015 with my epic revamp, gym never made a lot of sense for me. I tried for the sake of my husband, who absolutely needs his bench press and weights, but I cannot function in a gym.

The only healthy lifestyle that is sustainable is the one that you can sustain. For me, that means portioning/weighing my food out on Sundays for the week, coming home straight after work, doing whichever 45 minute workout video I’ve chosen for the day, and getting into my studies. My husband prefers to gym for 90 minutes, which is OK because he enjoys it and his body seems to like the punishment.

Going to gym did not suit either of us. We could only start gym at 17:00 and leave at 18:30 to get home after 7. I would have an unsatisfactory 45 minute session, unable to achieve my HR zones because I hate the cardio equipment. I’d also experience inadequate strength workouts as I had no guarantee I would be able to complete three super circuits in a row due to certain people hogging machines on the circuit instead of the standalone ones.

My husband would only complete half of his workout, or try to condense it. He would also encounter the machine hogs, who would congregate in groups of three around one bench to cheer each other on. In other words, it does not make sense to go to gym anymore when we can use eBucks to get him a bench and weights. I already have my space, a mat, some dumbbells and YouTube.

Now the next problem is actually getting out of the 12 month contract. We don’t mind paying a cancellation fee, because even if it’s the remainder of the contract, it’s money we would have wasted anyway by not going. Working out at home will be much better instead.


A mini epic revamp

In my final epic revamp post, I mentioned that it’s no longer a revamp, but merely the new normal. While I may not need to track food weight and calories anymore, I’m now living out the principles I chose last year.

This week though, I’ve temporarily returned to my strict regime because of a certain event which is approaching. I’m doing a version of my LCD/HCD cycling by doing 4 cardio/LCDs and 2 strength/HCDs.

My knee hurt for the first two days back in, but it’s getting better now. I’m looking forward to increasing the gains I’ve obtained – I’m starting to get the ab line shape on my stomach, despite there still being a bunch of fat there. I may just be able to wear a crop top while on holiday and not feel like I’m destroying everyone’s eyesight.

On an unrelated note, I may have started down a fruit Mentos addiction road. I’m honestly surprised I still have teeth left.


My Epic Revamp is over

Now that 2016 has begun, My Epic Revamp has come to an end. In 2015, I pledged to revamp various aspects of my life, and I think I succeeded. In no particular order:

  • I lost 23kg (so far)
  • My BMI dropped from 34.9 to 27 (so far)
  • I lost 8% body fat (so far)
  • I gained control of my finances by clearing my credit card debt and optimising my spending to gain maximum eBucks
  • I’m starting a new job this month
  • I’m more assertive and independent
  • I have actual strength in my muscles now
  • I’m no longer dependent on coffee
  • I’m no longer a slave to food cravings
  • I have removed all fast food/processed food from my diet
  • I now eat chocolate about once a month only
  • I have a different approach to life

I spent 2015 making a bunch of small changes, along with a few big ones. All of these changes led to the achievements listed above.

The biggest change is still coming though. Even after being together for almost 9 and a half years, I knew I still had to prepare myself, which is what I’ve spent the last year doing. I’ve sorted myself out, and am ready to start our lives together.

The most important lesson I have learned from My Epic Revamp is that I never want to let things get to the point again where another Epic Revamp would be needed. My lifestyle is totally different now, and I intend on keeping it that way.

So for 2016, no resolutions are needed – I’ll just be doing more of the same.


My Epic Revamp: Fitness Edition (Final Update)

  1. Use technology to the max: As I stated in my previous update, I stopped tracking my food obsessively, because I no longer need to. I can eyeball portion sizes now, and pretty much just stay away from anything processed. The Garmin Connect app for Windows 10 is now working beautifully after a shaky start, so I’ll be holding onto the Vivofit for a while longer.
  2. 8000 steps a day (minimum): I’m averaging about 12000 steps a day now, so I’ve long surpassed this requirement.
  3. Increase my overall stamina: Still increasing. Now that the SO is training me, I can break out of the plateau.
  4. Increase my overall flexibility: I judge this by how close my chest gets to my thighs if I’m sitting on the mat and touching my toes. There’s definitely been an improvement.
  5. Stick to my workout schedule: This is still a bit loose, but I’ve been getting in 1 hour sessions 3-4 times a week.

My Epic Revamp: Health Edition (Final Update)

  1. Take care of HSK: An ongoing process, though the summer heat is giving me heat rash and drying out my hair.
  2. Increase water intake: Now that it’s summer, this is much easier.
  3. Balance micro- and macronutrient intake: Eh.
  4. Take better care of teeth: I’ve been clean for 13 months now 😀

Of course, a downside on the health front is my soy allergy diagnosis. Fortunately, that does not extend to soy sauce so I can sushi as much as I want 🙂


My Epic Revamp: Life Edition (Final Update)

  1. Maintain a state of order (in my living space): I gave up on that a while back, since I’m moving out soon.
  2. Maintain a state of order  (in my finances): The app I mentioned in the previous update is almost done.
  3. Maintain a state of order (in my mind): I’m going to be real now – things got rough. The last three months have been mentally and emotionally taxing.