Goodbye Lumia

I laid the Lumia to rest on Monday. I honestly had not used it much this whole year after I got the Huawei, I only carried it around because I have so many things still linked to that number.


Kroll Show: Krolling on the floor laughing

So sad. So very sad. So very, very sad to have found this show when scrolling through Flipboard and reading an article about its cancellation.

So very happy though, that I got to binge watch it (well, 5 eps at a time anyway). It is hilarious. It fits perfectly into my roster of “get loose and unwind” shows (it’s not a long list).

All the regular stars (Nick Kroll, Jon Daly, Chelsea Peretti, Jenny Slate), all the guest stars (Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Paget Brewster), all the funnies (Ron Funches), all the characters (Dr Armand, Liz & Liz, Bryan La Croix, C-Czar, Bobby Bottleservice, Wendy and Aspen), that theme song (which is now my ringtone).

I loved everything about this show. Here’s some Senor Feeture (with Bobby Bottleservice and Peter Paparazzo):

Bryan La Croix:

Gene Creamers and Show Us Your Songs throwing shade at Mzansi:

I don’t think it qualifies as shade if Gene outright says “South Africa, the last hotbed of pure unadulterated racism”, I’m pretty sure that’s just a statement of fact.

This show has now joined my list of shows I will rewatch again and again (only Arrested Development and Futurama are on that list). It may be classified as a sketch comedy show, but Kroll Show was more than that. The characters actually had arcs, and developed over time.

The Bryan La Croix character was especially great. A mashup of Drake/Justin Bieber, his evolution (devolution) from good boy to pseudo-badass was believable, and mirrored the real story in a more realistic way (ha).


What is a Digitised Human Essence?

So Selena’s sister wants her hologram to go on tour, or as she put it, her “digitised human essence”.

That sounds like a nice way of saying “Internet ghost”. It’s quite sad really. It’s like when I listen to MJ’s songs, or see one of his videos, or see someone wearing a tshirt with the shoes, it reminds me of the impact he had on the world.

Seeing that hologram of him performing at whatever show it was a while back just felt wrong.


Fast & Furious 7: As expected, and a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker

I went to watch the latest instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise this weekend. We all know what we’re getting into when we go watch these things: laws of physics get ignored, Vin Diesel rambles on about family, and law enforcement is non-existent.

I’m going to put this out there: there was not enough Jason Statham in this movie.
Jason Statham
At the end of Furious 6, when they (2 year old spoiler alert?) revealed that Jason was Shaw’s big bro and that he orchestrated Han’s death at the end of Tokyo Drift, the cinema was like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss, this is what we need. So I was surprised to see that Jason actually did not have much screen time in the movie.

Yes, when he did appear, it was to completely annihilate his opponents, but still. The final fight scene between him and Vin was really anti-climatic because Jason can’t win, as he is the villain, but Vin can’t win either, because who can defeat Jason Statham in hand-to-hand combat? Chuck Norris, maybe?

Chuck norris

They copped out by letting Vin destroy the ground beneath his feet in a building collapse which should surely have killed him. Just kidding, he’s safe as houses locked up by The Rock at a CIA black site under 38 feet of concrete. So I’m guessing we’ll see him in Furious 10: Revenge for Making Me Dig?

That’s another gripe I have: waaaay too little Dwayne Johnson. Just, really, a huge lack of Dwayne Johnson.

The rock

So for pretty much the whole movie, I was thinking, how are they going to write Paul Walker out? You could see the shots, particularly in scenes with Jordana Brewster, where they had used his brothers or other body doubles. You could also see sometimes where they had CGI’d his face in (there was a faint fuzzy glow around his head). Overall, they actually did a pretty good job.

They had a lot of close calls in the movie, so I just assumed that they would have Brian die while trying to save his friends, something heroic like that. I’m glad that it ended the way it did, with Brian retiring from the F&F life to look after his expanding family. That bit at the end with the one last ride was short & sweet, but extremely emotional.

End of Furious 7


Microsoft keeps removing features which made Windows Phone different

The other day, I read a lengthy article by Paul Thurrott about how Microsoft is taking away everything that made Windows Phone different. Everything that made it special.

Features which made it stand out from the crowd, like tile based design, Live Tiles, integrated social networking (not that I cared about that), native Office, Hubs etc. Under Nadella’s rule, while many things have changed for the better, this I count as something which is changing for the worse.

Today, I get an email from Microsoft. They are dropping support for Rooms on Windows Phone. A Room was basically a native messaging app for Windows Phone Users. I set up a Room for the SO and I to chat, keep a single shared notebook, share photos and a shared calendar. It’s faster than Whatsapp, syncs with our MS accounts and allows me to do voice to text over the Bella‘s bluetooth.

So from March, we will still be able to access the Notebook, calendar etc, but we will no longer be able to send chat messsages. Windows 10 for Phone will introduce a new chat system.


Now, I’m not one who dislikes technological change, but this, I may take a while to get over.