The following distance: A revisit

I wrote this post over three years ago. The tone is ranty – no doubt I wrote it after some incident on the roads – but sadly the topic is still on point. Arrive Alive recommends a 2 – 3 second following distance as the bare minimum, increasing to at least 5 – 6 seconds during adverse road conditions when it rains.

I don’t think they realise that I would never make it home on time if I allowed that following distance. Certainly not in traffic – if you are not literally on the bumper of the car in front of you at all times, someone is going to turn their car into the 1/2 car gap you’ve left and force themselves in.

Even under “normal” road traffic conditions, it is unsafe to allow this following distance, particularly at off-ramps. As you are indicating and turning onto the off-ramp, someone is going to come from the fast lane, cross the solid barrier line and chip in next to you on the off-ramp. He (because without a shadow of a doubt, it will be a he) will probably have his indicator on though, because that seems to be the only time people use their indicators anymore.

We’re supposed to report bad driving because traffic officers can’t be everywhere. The other day, I watched a traffic cop sitting in his car, waiting two cars behind a taxi that had stopped in the left lane to pick up passengers. Why didn’t the traffic cop get out of his car and reprimand the driver for obstructing traffic?

Was he:

  • Afraid the taxi driver would shoot him?
  • Scared the passengers would shout out the windows at him for making them late?
  • Terrified that other drivers would get irritated that he was adding to the road obstruction?
  • Filled with apathy and laziness?

Who knows?


This is the one: Planning app (debate)

This is more of a horses for courses topic. I’ve tried in the past to use one productivity app for everything. I’ve somehow ended up the situation where I just throw a bunch of random, unorganised nonsense into OneNote – gone are the days of my meticulously organised notebooks😦

I then attempted to do the same with Wunderlist, and again with Trello. I then tried to link all my stuff with IFTTT and then with Microsoft Flow. I even tried just using my Outlook.com calendar and a spreadsheet. What I now have is bits and pieces all over the show, with nothing really to show for it.

I then realised that I was kind of already separating my workflows out into different apps. I tried using Trello as a shopping list – it was terrible. Wunderlist is definitely the way to go on that front. I tried using Wunderlist to keep my recipes – Trello’s card interface with checklist/description options and photos on the cards proved more suited for that use case.

I tried using OneNote to track the status of my ongoing projects at the overview level – why would I do something so insane when Trello is clearly made for that? I tried to use Wunderlist to keep notes about my tasks – as a OneNote user for over 5 years, I should know better by now. Or rather, Microsoft should know better.

Either way, just because I’ve been doing something a certain way for a long time, doesn’t mean that it is still the best way to do it. Currently, I do the following:

  • Trello: Track projects, recipes, meal planning, school assignments
  • Wunderlist: Shopping list, daily work tasks
  • Outlook.com calendar: Household activities, workout calendar
  • OneNote: Detailed project notes, school notes, everything else

Moving into a new era

Last week I discovered that my requirements for migrating from The Sims 2 to the Sims 4 have been met. There were features from TS2 that I just could not do without:

  • Turn off aging for all inactive households
  • Mod availability and support
  • Lifestage overrides
  • Disable Jealousy interactions
  • Increase household size

Now that I look at that list, it isn’t as long as I thought it was. Yesterday, I discovered that the base game was 60% off on Origin, and the one EP I want was 50% off. If only I can get Origin to actually download the game!


A best-of-both exercise & food programme: Part 2

Picking up where my last post left off, I’ve created a training programme for myself in the same fashion. Every Sunday is Rockin’ Body Rock It Out + 20 minutes of boxing with my husband.

In Training, each workout is preceded by Rockin’ Body Hardcore Abs as a warmup. Then:

  • Tuesday: Rockin’ Body Dance Party
  • Wednesday: BodyFit by Amy’s 30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell workout [link] + Fitness Blender’s Tank Top Arms Workout [link]
  • Thursday: Rockin’ Body Dance Party
  • Friday: Rockin’ Body Booty Time + 20 minutes of lower body training with my husband

In Maintenance, the focus is on toning.

  • Tuesday: Bodyfit by Amy’s 30 Minute Mat Pilates Core Workout [link]
  • Thursday: Fitness Blender’s Tank Top Arms Workout [link] + Fitness Blender’s Toned, Lean Arms Workout [link]
  • Friday: Fitness Blender’s Kelli’s Booty Workout [link]

I just completed one Training Week, with this week being a modified Maintenance Week. My next post will detail the food for Maintenance Week and weekends.


An update

I’ve been quiet on the blog lately, due to an incident within the family a few weeks ago, which in combination with an increase in work/school activities has really taken the Force out of me.

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of my husband asking me to be his girlfriend yesterday, after a lovely long weekend away in Citrusdal. It also would have been our wedding day, if my husband hadn’t decided he couldn’t wait any longer to officially claim me hahaha.

We came home to discover the first of Tierney’s eggs hatched on schedule, and that the two neighbourhood cats who have decided that we are their feeders did not forget us after the long weekend.

I’m nearing the end of my assignments for the first year of Hons, so that’s good. I’m also back on my epic revamp, since my clothes are now fighting me.

I’ve rediscovered my affinity for dubstep and chillstep, and am now addicted to Gintama.



A best-of-both exercise & food programme: Part 1

Now that I’m finally back into the swing of exercising at home again, the programme I’ve decided on is drastically simpler. The first three weeks of each month is Training, while the last week of the month is Maintenance.

My husband and I now have preparing meals for the week down to an artform. On Saturday, I take the protein out of the freezer to defrost. This will be roughly 1.5kg of chicken breast, mutton, beef or pork. We also purchase 1kg of butternut and 1kg of sweet potatoes, in those ready made cubes (available at our local hyper for R10 per 500g). These are our carbs.

On Sunday, I get up and start microwaving the carbs in their bags. At the same time, my husband cuts the protein into chunks and I add it to the slow cooker, with spices, chilli powder, lime juice and mushrooms or chickpeas. Once the carbs are done, my husband mashes them together while I microwave 1kg of mixed veg and 250g garden mix in a clay pot.

My husband weighs out 150g veg and 200g carb for him, and 100g veg and 100g carbs for me. His food is weighed first in case the fluctuating water content leaves a smaller total amount available, in which case I will get less.

While he is busy weighing, I’m preparing the protein bars. I’ll post the recipe when I remember to take some good pics of the bars after I’ve cut them in the tray. Once they’re partially baked, I remove them from the oven and I bake the Snowflake easymix seed loaf bread. I package the bars into small plastic bags.

Once the protein is done, my husband measures out 150g for him, and 100g for me. He divides anything extra across his bowls, as I can always make do with less food. I take out a pack of booster muffins and protein muffins (made and frozen previously, will post recipes) and package into bowls for the next day.

That’s our food for the week. Breakfast is a sandwich and two protein muffins for him, one protein muffin muffin. Mid morning snack is the protein bar, and lunch is the food described above. Pre-workout snack is the booster muffin, and supper is a smoothie (will post recipe). The only exception is Monday evening, when we take turns to make something fabulous, like spicy burritos, or chilli chicken with sticky rice. Weekends are also chilled.