I’m still on the prowl for new insurance

This week I started my quest to find another insurance provider. I printed out my policy docs (after once again enraging myself at the thought that they want to increase my premium so much), and spoke to my first call centre agent of the week.

We had a lovely chat (I actually don’t mind talking with the agents, as long as the call was initiated from my side and was not unsolicited) and while we waited for the quotes to generate we joked around. When I heard her gasp though, I knew it was bad news.

The number the system spat out was an effective 41% increase on my current premium. And that was just for the car, we hadn’t even gotten around to the home contents insurance yet. No amount of excess fiddling or benefit tweaking would have brought that number down. She thanked me for my time and I ended the call.

I’m pretty sure that it’s because all the banks dinged my credit record in December when we did the bond applications. As far as I know, that kind of action hangs around on the record for at least three months, even if the applications are successful (which they all were).

What it seems like is I’ll have to negotiate the increase down with my current insurer (to like 10%), and hang on a few months while my record settles down, then try again with the other places. Sigh.


This is the one: Cloud storage edition #2 (debate)

I’ve been down this road before. I’ve ranted about OneDrive, and I’ve also swooned about it. Just going to link to that image again:

In my original post from 2015, I captioned this: “How do you like them Apples?” Now I just sigh.

With those storage limits now a long distant memory, yesterday I turned the PC on to find this

Snip of OneDrive cloud icon in system tray showing storage is full - Why yes, I did hodge-podge this together in Paint. I'm not going to spend an hour in GIMP trying to accomplish the same thing.

Why yes, I did hodge-podge this together in Paint. I’m not going to spend an hour in GIMP trying to accomplish the same thing.

I then go to check my account storage and find this:



My last enthusiast bonus expired, so now I’m down to a 30GB limit. Yes, I can probably remove a bunch of (mostly work-related) stuff, but now that I’ve been entrenching myself within the Google ecosystem over the last year, I thought that perhaps it was relooking at Google Drive. Or finally rolling my own cloud solution, which I’m pretty sure I’ve been threatening to do for at least 2 years now. Oh well.

So, my options are:

  • Stick with OneDrive
  • Migrate to Google Drive (and eventually change my digital ecosystem)
  • Roll my own cloud storage

I think this debate and decision needs to be carried out simultaneously with the creation of my home network (now that we know we’re staying) and my backup solution (because, seriously cloud storage != backup).


I ♥ vivofit

I know I have ranted about my vivofit on here before. I’ve also praised it, and that is not something I do lightly.

So on Monday evening, after I tested out my punching bag (finally, it was hung up again!), I realised that the vivofit had died. I was not upset though.

On the contrary, it had far surpassed its expected 1 year battery life. In fact, it lasted just over 2 years on its original batteries. This was after heavy usage during 2015 (during my original epic revamp), and some usage last year.

Either way, the only time I took it off between Jan 2015 and now was for my wedding day. That was literally the only day that I did not use it. As a result, my wrist has been feeling naked now for the last 3 days. I’ve been unable to get to a shop to buy a replacement battery due to exams, and my weak attempt yesterday (popped into Clicks super quickly) did not yield any results.

Frustratingly, looking online has not helped much either. Takealot, Clicks and Loot are out of stock. I can apparently replace the 1632 batteries with 1620s, which Dis-chem has in stock, but it won’t last as long. I may just drive around tomorrow after my last exam in search of the elusive 1632.

Either way, I guess I made a good choice back then.


A selection of what I’m currently listening to

A comment under this video pointed out to me that near the end she sings “all up in my George Foreman” aka all up in my grill. I have listened to this song many times in the 9 years (!) since it came out, and I never once heard that line before seeing that comment.

Basically everything that xKito posts:


Melodic dubstep

Future bass

More future bass

Even more future bass

I can’t stop listening to future bass




And back to the early 2000s


I’m on the prowl for new insurance

I just received my “annual policy review” from my insurer. You know what they can do with the 22% increase to my premium they want to implement from 1 March? For me, a customer of 3 years with no claim history, and needing to add building insurance and increase my current home contents cover?

So now I know that three days of my post-exam honeymoon will be filled with calls to various contact centres, as well as blocking numbers from those same contact centres for the next few months. Joy! Either way, at the end of those 3 days, I’m either going to have my premium kept the same, or I’m off to a new insurer.


Trying out new things: Lindt

The experience: Lindt Chocolate Boutique

The location: Canal Walk, Cape Town

The situation: The title is a bit misleading, since of course I have had Lindt chocolate far too many times in my life. However, this was chocolate bought from the boutique, with the dude prancing around there in his chef hat. It was lunchtime and I was overwhelmed by the amount of chocolate.

The test: A mixed bag – Cappuccino, Almond, Citrus, Hazelnut

The analysis: The cappuccino tastes like cappuccino. The almond is wack – it tastes like almond essence, thrown in with a heavy hand. The hazelnut is nice. The citrus is ah-mazing.

The verdict: Of course I will go back, it’s chocolate. Also, since I can no longer stand the normal chocolate bars (things aren’t what they used to be…), when I do have chocolate once in a while, it will be a few Lindor balls and nothing else.