Finding the balance: Mind

When I started my epic revamp 2 years ago, I was working on finding my balance between work, health, studies and mind. By the end of it, my health was excellent, I got a new job which was a big promotion, and I started doing my Hons after having to wait 5 years.

I did not realise the state that my mind was in though. Some events happened late last year, which took its toll on my body as well, which is why the husband and I have had to embark on a new Regimen. 

This time around, I’m focusing on balancing mind, body, and soul. One’s mental health has a much bigger impact than people tend to realise on  body and soul. For me, getting my mental health in order has taken priority over the last while.

Which is why I’ve decided that I am quitting my studies. I’m only 6 months away from finishing, on track for cum laude, but I’ve weighed up the pros and cons and decided it’s no longer worth it. 

I’ve been learning to let things go. I’ve realised that I’m actually not the uptight person I was led to believe I was. I no longer allow the sunk-cost fallacy to keep me trapped in a situation that is not good for me. 

My husband and I spent many years of our relationship as a long-distance couple, because of the small-mindedness, hypocrisy and intolerance of people who are no longer in our lives. Our mental health suffered greatly because of it, and we missed out on many great experiences because of it. 

As a result, I cannot tolerate the wasting of time. For too long my time was dictated by others (whether directly or indirectly). Now that my mind is aware of the damage done and the time wasted, I am done.

I refuse to waste more time on a degree that will not let me upgrade my professional registration, and that will have no impact on my career. I am well established in my field, and no longer require a piece of paper to prove what I know. 

The old Cindy would never have done this. I always saw things through, no matter what. However, life is short. I could be learning things I actually want to through moocs, I could be drafting the designs for our bathroom makeover, I could be working on our smart home, I could be lying on the floor with a glass of wine and playing with my cattens. All of these things would be a better use of my time.


On all this Rick and Morty bullshit

When Rick and Morty was first announced, I added it to my watchlist. This was back when I was actively watching series (i.e. before I got married). I added it because it’s co-created by Dan Harmon, who I will forever love because of Community #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

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And it introduced me to John Oliver #Feminism #NotMyChristian

I didn’t actually end up watching it, because of my “It has to last at least 2 seasons before committing” rule, and also because I lost the spreadsheet I made the list in. When hubs and I went away on holiday in August, we decided to binge two series we both hadn’t seen: Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Rick and Morty.

I could write a whole post about Curb, but all I will say for now is that I love it, and we’re trying to finish it before the new season comes out. Also we have started watching Seinfeld because of Larry.

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My other soulmate (with the approval of the hubs)


There have been several articles lately about how terrible Rick and Morty fans are. I came across this phenomenon on Reddit a couple of months ago, before I started watching the show. I’d be browsing some random subreddit, when a comment would pop up about how much Rick and Morty rules, and how it now sucks because Dan and Justin hired (gasp!) female writers. In particular, an episode of Season 3 called “Pickle Rick” was being blasted continuously.

At the time, I had no idea what any of that nonsense meant. Now that I’ve watched the show, I still don’t know what those people are on about. The show is funny, it’s smart, it delivers commentary on the pointlessness of existence. That’s all great. I didn’t notice any change in tone of the show after the female writers were hired.

Also, these “fans” seem to think that one needs to be of a higher intellectual level to enjoy the show, because of all the callbacks and Easter eggs. Uh, if that’s what’s required to watch Rick and Morty, then I think one needs to be evil genius status to watch Arrested Development.

Filming right now in Long Beach! (Source: Reddit)

Just because you need to rewatch each episode 3 times in order to get aaaaall the references does not make you smart (ignore the poor sentence structure). As usual, we can’t have anything nice.

Except for this Pickle Rick Future Bass Remix below!


It begins…

…or rather, it began on Sunday, when we kicked off The Regimen. Hopefully this is the last time I have to come up with a name for something like this, because seriously, I don’t want to go through this again. I’ve designated three phase types:

  • Losing
  • Toning
  • Gaining

The carb cycles differ depending on which phase we’re in. Each cycle consists of 3 weeks in a phase, with the 4th week being Maintenance to avoid plateauing. This time around we’ve got money, so I won’t be overdosing on soy protein again. We’re also reducing the dependency on red meat (I’m all for it, my husband acquiesced), so the majority of the protein will now come from fish, chicken and venison.

My exercise routine is pretty much the same as last time, although I’ve replaced Shaun T with The Fitness Marshall. I’ve also allocated the pure cardio session only once per week now, as the other LCD sessions will be strength-cardio instead. The boxing sessions remain unchanged on HCD days. Since we’re starting in a Losing phase, I’ve put a toning/flex session once a week as well. There’s no point now in trying to tone fat. Once we head into the Gaining and Toning phases I’ll replace the pure cardio session with an additional toning session.

I haven’t ironed out all the kinks yet, but it’s been 3 days and we’re on track. It’s fitting to me that we’ve finally gotten started in October, which I view as a month of rebirth and transformation.


Kaiju is 1 today!

The first of the cattens to officially become a Cat! She’s only been part of the family for 2 months, but she sleeps on my leg every night and shadows me around the house in the morning. 

I’ll post better pics when I write the posts about each catten (yes they’ll each get their own post because I’m a crazy cat lady now and I own it.) 


Trying out new things: Wine

The experience: The concept of drinking Wine

The location: All over the show

The situation: I’ve been neglecting the blog recently due to reasons and stuff, so now I’m going through all of my draft posts to see if there is anything still of relevance before moving onto new posts. This post was drafted on 11 Feb 2017, so I feel like a lot has changed since I was going to start writing it.

I guess Wine is not a new thing to me anymore, because I tried it out, and it’s awesome. It’s all about how you approach the concept – once I removed the shackles from my mind (and the burdens of the past), I could experience and appreciate Wine for what it is – something that you drink. Nothing more, nothing less.

The test: I’ve tried enough low – high-end whites, and low – mid-end reds, at home and in restaurants.

The analysis: Through trial and error (and a lot of bottles ending up as cooking wine), I chose my house wine, which is the wine I keep in the house at all times. It’s perfect for that evening “Aaaaaah” after a long day at work, with enough of a buzz to keep one relaxed, but not enough to get you drunk. Initially, this wine would make me drunk, but then again, cough syrup would have made me drunk at the beginning.

The verdict: I’m a red person. When we go out to eat at Restaurants (capitalised purposely, more on that later), I’ve made it a habit to order a different glass of red every time, in order to “expand my palate” or something. The only thing I won’t do is go wine tasting. Mainly because the hubby is not into drinking (I just think it’s because he hasn’t found his tipple of choice yet), but also because we both have a negative association with it. I prefer my methods of finding new wines anyway.

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RIP Chester ♥

I’ve written about my relationship with Linkin Park before, but never really in detail. I had a super long post planned about the impact that Linkin Park has had on my life, mainly because of Chester. His songs have taken on new meaning to me in the last few months, although I did basically ignore their new album (not my taste, and Lord knows I’ve expanded my music tastes over the last 2 years).

I’ve thought about writing this post all day, but as I sit here now, after reading a bunch of articles and thinkpieces about what happened, I don’t really have anything to say. Except I’ll keep listening to all my favourite songs, and some of the others too, just as I have for the last 15 years. Depression is a bitch. I’m sad for what has happened, and for his family, but I’m also happy that Chester is finally at peace. ♥

Official Linkin Park Facebook cover photo today. Beautiful.