Small milestones

I used to be very good at remembering dates. Attaching importance and sentimentality to dates was something I always did, automatically. I see now that it was a symptom of something.

I do feel like I need to put down some milestones reached in the last few weeks:

  • 1 Feb: My 29th birthday
  • 28th Feb: 2nd wedding anniversary
  • 1 Mar: 7 years working experience (and I used to complain about it being impossible to get a different job until I had 5 years exp)
  • 7 Mar: 6th anniversary of starting at Aurecon (wtf)
  • 7 Mar: 1 year anniversary of owning a house (wtf)

I’ve also finally, finally, started therapy. After a false start (always go with your gut people), I’ve ended up with a great counsellor who’s been an amazing resource so far. We’ve also been going strong on The Regimen for 2 weeks now, and I know that it’s working this time because my various forms of eczema and allergies are flaring up in response to the dietary change (the same way it did last time, but much worse). I also had the cramps/low mood associated with the instant removal of all junk food, so I know the worst is over.

Here’s to the many months of carb cycling, DOMS and whooshing ahead!


Another curly update

I hadn’t made any progress on the frizz problem at all since my last update. I resigned myself to having frizzy hair for the foreseeable future. Last week though, I decided that in the name of reducing our water usage even more, I would lose the squish-to-condish step in my Wednesday hairwash, and just do the co-wash. I then applied the leave-in conditioner in the shower and plopped the hair immediately.

No more frizz! Just like that. I still pineappled the hair overnight, despite it feeling more “creamy” from holding onto the conditioner, but in the morning when I loosened it, I had large, well-defined curls with nooooooo frizz in sight. Now I still have to figure out the trick to refreshing the curls by the time day 3 rolls around, but I feel like I’m almost there.



After taking some time away from everyone and everything to mourn the loss of our baby girl, I feel coherent enough to return to the blog and life in general. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for almost a year now, so I have decided to have her little name tag and initial tattooed on my wrist. I’ll probably go have it done in a few months’ time, as I’ll need to be strong enough to go the tattoo artist by myself.

As usual, I haven’t done much in the last few weeks. We did go see Lifehouse in concert last night (we left after their half, didn’t stay for Collective Soul) because Rahul’s never actually been to a proper concert before, and we have an attachment to Lifehouse. Their songs kept us going during our long-distance years, we walked out of our wedding ceremony to “Hanging by a Moment”:

and our first dance was “You and Me”.

We had supper at the Hussar Grill before the show, which was a first for the both of us. It was quite enjoyable, we will definitely be going back when the macros allow. It was also my 29th birthday last week. My husband and I have never been big into gift giving, we rather buy each other things as needed/wanted, or save up for experiences. Our rule for birthdays is no gifts, but the celebrant gets to dictate how the day is spent.

I ended up going factory shopping because our freezer was low on proteins, and then chilled with the cats for the rest of the day. Rahul cooked my requested supper (Indian chilli chicken, exactly how they make it in the restaurants in Kerala) and I had seconds while my mouth was on fire and my eyes were tearing. It was wonderful.

We also completed the 3 week transition to the Regimen. I sorted out the snags, so we’re kicking off properly today. I’ll be posting some back-dated blogs as part of my MCU review series as I’ve managed to stick to the viewing schedule.


Curly Girl Method update

It’s been 2 and a half months since I started the Curly Girl method. What have I learnt so far? Going natural is hard. It’s been a mission of trial and error, trying to figure out which products and techniques work for me. I’ve mostly found out which don’t.

I’ve discovered that while gel was the only reliable method to make my hair curly when I was using silicones and sulphates, it absolutely does not work for me anymore. My hair becomes crunchy and sticky, and doesn’t curl at all. I lost my shit when I discovered that Clicks was stocking the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie which I’ve seen people worshiping on Reddit. I was disappointed when it was priced much more than the American counterpart, and it didn’t really work on my hair.

That being said, the plopping technique has definitely improved things, and I’ve also added in some cold diffusion with my head upside down to create volume. Unfortunately I have to conduct proper trials, where I only change one product/method per week, and see how that goes before declaring something a failure. I also really want the Shea Moisture range to work because the fragrance gives me life.

Below are the results after brushing my hair out for the first time (I think this was around the 6 week mark and I only did it for a Reddit challenge):

And that, kids, is why curlies don’t use a brush.

Another surprising thing I discovered is that my R120 Wet Brush Wavy comb (specifically made for curly hair) does not compare to the R15 wide tooth flexible comb I bought at Dis-chem. My current routine (based on washing twice a week, current products in bold):

Exactly like this.

After doing all of that, my hair will start frizzing about 30 minutes later. Eh, what can you do. There are still too many variables in the mix for me to determine what the actual problem is (diet is a big one), so I’m just going to go along with it for now.


It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

… is what I would say if I was an optimistic person. I am not. So instead of saying stuff like “2018 is going to be my year!”, I’ll just say that I hope that 2018 will be better than 2017. I know that if I can continue working on adjusting my coping mechanisms, I can carry on processing what has happened to me, and moving on with my life.

Also, coming home to these babies everyday really helps:

All of our cattens


Trying out new things: Going to the movies alone

The experience: Going to the movies alone

The location: Nu Metro, Canal Walk

The situation: The husband was working until 20:00, and we currently only have one car. Not because we rode on a slow puncture for 6 months or anything, which caused the tyre to go kaput, which then resulted in the biscuit tyre being put on, and after a few days of that the car is a bit unstable. Nope, it’s for unrelated reasons.

Image result for can you tell that im lying meme

I had some time to kill until he was done, so I thought that I’d go to a movie alone for the first time.

The test: Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, 17:15 showing.

The analysis: I loved the first one, and heard a bunch of shit about the 2nd, but decided to see it anyway. After struggling with redeeming my movie and refreshment codes (the usual), I moseyed on into the cinema. Turns out I was the only person who bought a ticket for that showing, so I sat right in the centre and went into super chill mode.

The verdict: The movie was good. I get why people were hating on it, because people are always wanting something new and innovative, but people also be cray, so we shouldn’t listen to people. Kingsman 2 basically carried on the story from the first one, and continued using the camera techniques and fighting style from there. If this one had come out first, people would have been as blown away by it as they were by the first one. The movie gets a sin for only having like ten minutes of Channing Tatum.

I would definitely go to the movies by myself again. The ticket dude was all, aw are you here by yourself? I was like, yup, looking forward to it!

Related image

Power to the people!