Week 1 of #FB30 complete

I’m now on Day 9 of the FB30 Round 1 workout programme. The first week went very well – I’ve felt the soreness in my muscles everyday, but not to the point where it is painful or I feel like I need to skip today’s workout.

I skipped Friday’s optional stretching workout (though I had intended to do it) because I had to go to town on Friday instead of Bellville so I was bushed. When I weighed in on Sunday, I was down 1kg for the week, and lost 1% body fat. I haven’t started taking cm measurements yet.

This week I can see is more focussed on strength training, so I’ve assigned HC days until Wednesday with LC on Thursday and Friday for the Pilates/HIIT and stretching workouts.

I must say, I haven’t felt hungry a single day on this regime, partly because I’m returning to the habits I developed last year very quickly. Hopefully, this means that just as my body relapsed to my previous life’s habits, it will also revert quickly to the new approach I adopted last year.


The only workout programme that works is one that you can stick to

While I spent the first two weeks of our workout programme sticking to the preset food and working out 6 days a week, my husband struggled to adapt. I thought it was similar to what I went through when I first embarked on my epic revamp last year, and reckoned that he just needed a while to adjust because it was more of a drastic change for him.

It turns out that I couldn’t just double the food I was eating, give it to him and expect a similar result. I made this mistake despite all the research I’ve put into this area over the last 18 months. He told me last night that he was so tired from the reduced food that he didn’t have the energy to exercise when we get home in the afternoons (he exercised 2 out of the 12 sessions that I did).

His metabolism has always been super fast, and I regularly got irritated by the fact that he would lift weights for an hour at the gym, and results would be noticeable the next day. Muscles would sprout from nowhere, while I would wait weeks to see small results from my consistent exercise and food control.

Nevertheless, we have reached a suitable agreement. From Monday (this week is maintenance week), I will remain on my high protein/carb cycling/cardio-strength training regime. He will have his own breakfast, lunch and training regimen, while we will share suppers and weekend food. Example:


  • Protein muffin (egg, cottage cheese, ostrich mince, mixed veg)
  • High protein sandwich (Seed loaf, egg, cottage cheese, beef/chicken)

Morning snack:

  • Homemade protein bar with Greek yoghurt and mixed seeds


  • Protein with veg (and sweet potato & butternut mash if it’s high carb day)
  • Slowcooked protein & veg with small portion carb (rice/noodles)

Pre-workout snack:

  • Booster muffin (oats, bran, bananas, cinnamon, reduced sugar)


  • Recovery smoothie (banana, protein powder, cup of berries, tbsp mixed nuts and seeds, green tea, cinnamon, kale, Greek yoghurt

Evening snack (if required):

  • Provita / cottage cheese / 20g biltong

A best-of-both exercise & food programme: Part 2

Picking up where my last post left off, I’ve created a training programme for myself in the same fashion. Every Sunday is Rockin’ Body Rock It Out + 20 minutes of boxing with my husband.

In Training, each workout is preceded by Rockin’ Body Hardcore Abs as a warmup. Then:

  • Tuesday: Rockin’ Body Dance Party
  • Wednesday: BodyFit by Amy’s 30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell workout [link] + Fitness Blender’s Tank Top Arms Workout [link]
  • Thursday: Rockin’ Body Dance Party
  • Friday: Rockin’ Body Booty Time + 20 minutes of lower body training with my husband

In Maintenance, the focus is on toning.

  • Tuesday: Bodyfit by Amy’s 30 Minute Mat Pilates Core Workout [link]
  • Thursday: Fitness Blender’s Tank Top Arms Workout [link] + Fitness Blender’s Toned, Lean Arms Workout [link]
  • Friday: Fitness Blender’s Kelli’s Booty Workout [link]

I just completed one Training Week, with this week being a modified Maintenance Week. My next post will detail the food for Maintenance Week and weekends.


Newbie pains and gains, again

We kicked off our epic revamp on Tuesday as scheduled. With the new 5 day routine, for the first month I will be doing 3 cardio, 2 strength. I decided not to use my wrist weights this week, to just get my body back into workout mode.

I started with the 45 minute dance workout, which got my heart rate above 190 a few times, but I was able to complete it without a significant impact on my fitness level. My arms were as tired as if I had used my wrist weights though, but that is too be expected.

On Wednesday, I did Amy’s 30 Minute full body dumbbell workout for some strength training with a bit of cardio. In the process, I destroyed my thighs. Last year, I could do this workout with 4.5 kg dumbbells and feel the burn, but not the pain. I struggled with my 2kg dumbbells on Wednesday, and I still can’t walk down the stairs because my legs refuse to cooperate.

Overall, it was a good start, but I could not bear the thought of doing Shaun’s Dance Party again last night, particularly because I have to drive today (ugh). Instead, we’re going shopping later, so I’ll do a bit more walking to release some of the muscle tension, and then do Shaun’s 25 minute booty workout instead (which is cardio with squats).


Now this is how you purchase a home gym

Yesterday, the SO and I popped around to Makro to get the components for his (our?) home gym. After cancelling my gym membership, we were eager to get the parts in place so that he can cancel his and I can finally return to my roots.

Since we’ve tightened our belts over the last two months, our eBucks rewards have also dropped, because not spending real money always trumps getting fake money back for spending more. Seriously, our total monthly spend has dropped by about R4000, so our qualifying monthly spend is even lower.

Nevertheless, we did have some rewards as I was able to convert my 11191 eB into a R1865 Makro voucher. This, in conjunction with the health equipment sale, allowed us to obtain a bench with an included barbell and curling bench, as well as a set of plates for free. We were also able to get two more sets of plates at a reduced price, as well as mats for the tiled floor and a core stretcher band thingy for me.

Overall, an excellent haul, and I’m super psyched to be able to do my workouts again. I’m also looking forward to adding some barbell work in addition to my dumbbell exercises on my strength days.


Officially cancelled gym today

This process was so painless, I’m so glad that I chose to do it on the phone. We were planning on going to gym last night but after my husband said he didn’t want to, I decided that I would cancel my membership today.

The contact centre agent was very helpful, informing me that the cancellation fee is 40% of the remainder of my contract (8 months), which came to a very reasonable ~R600. I have until end June to visit the gym if I wish (I don’t).

Now I can return to my previous workout strategy. Conveniently, Makro is having a health equipment sale, so tonight after we pick up a home gym for the SO, he’ll be able to cancel his membership as well.


Starting Training Cycle 1

Today we go full steam ahead into Training Cycle 1. This will be a 4 week period where we follow a strict workout and eating schedule. I’ve set macros at 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat, but I won’t be tracking the food.

Weekdays will follow the same pattern:

  • Breakfast: 1/4 high protein smoothie + small meal (either provita with peanut butter/cottage cheese, or homemade egg muffins)
  • Morning snack: apple/orange
  • Lunch: Protein with veg, and a small helping of carbs
  • Pre-gym: 3/4 protein high protein smoothie
  • Supper: Protein with veg, and a medium helping of carbs
  • Pre-bed: Rooibos green tea with lemon and honey

We’re gymming every weekday – I’ll be following the plan I outlined on Friday while the SO is focussing on strength training. Saturdays are rest days, while on Sundays we will do some boxing training together.