My biggest couponing coup yet: 94% off!

Last year, we bought our parents an air fryer. It’s normally R1799, but it was marked down to R750. The SO and I considered purchasing one as well, but we decided against it. I left it in my wishlist though.

We’ve been enjoying using it over the last few months. It’s convenient, makes the chips super crispy without oil, and can be used to bake or heat basically anything. We’ve made English muffins in there a few times, back when I was friendly with carbs – it was amazing.

On a normal weekday evening last week, I was trawling my Takealot wishlist, as I often do. I’m in the habit of doing a daily sweep of all my online shopping haunts, to keep a mental comparison of prices.

When I scrolled past the air fryer though, I stopped. I called my sisters to verify that it was indeed R99. I closed the browser and came back in: R99. I added one to my cart: R99. I checked out: R99.


So we ended up buying 8. Guess everyone we know will be getting air fryers for their birthdays.


This is the one: Connected scale edition (decision)

This situation escalated rather quickly. So last week:

  1. Monday: I log a return on Takealot for my previous scale. I had only used it about 5 times in the 4 months I had it. I could not get it to calculate my body fat % no matter how many times I reset, and it had somehow managed to drain its battery. When it showed my weight as 10kg less than it really is, that was the last straw.
  2. Tuesday:T he SO and I start researching alternatives. Some options appear promising, but we can’t really decide.
  3. Wednesday: I’ve chosen the Aria. I then remember that I’m kinda over Fitbit and I don’t want to give them so much money, so I change my mind to the Withings WS-30. I then realise that’s still more than I’m comfortable paying for a scale, so I settle on the Prestigio Smart Body Fat Scale, which is cheaper and does some nifty things like bone density mass as well. However, Computer Mania does not have it in stock, and the guy tells me that they are phasing out Prestigio items, so probably not the best choice.
  4. Thursday: I come across the Withings Smart Body Analyzer again, and discover that Incredible Connection is running an online promo for it. Which ends that day. The SO declares that since it’s for my (our) health, and since it’s top of the range it better bloody well last a long time, I order it.
  5. Friday: I pick up my scale.
  6. Fry scale


Michael Bublé: may I have some more?

Last night’s Michael Bublé concert was amazing. My family has had his Caught in the Act DVD since it came out, and it has been replayed at every function we have had in our home since as background music. It is basically the soundtrack to many happy memories.

I first started liking Michael when I heard his rendition of Sway. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I liked it. Things just sort of escalated from there. He is a fantastic performer, with non-stop jokes and a real genuine feel about him.

I also got to meet Naturally 7 (twice! haha) and got their autographs. Yay! I also decided to buy a Bublé bag as a memento of my first ever concert at Cape Town Stadium. I’ll upload this post with more videos and photos later, my stupid internet is too slow to upload now.

Naturally 7 performing Summer Breeze at the Michael Bublé concert @ Cape Town Stadium, March 2015
Naturally 7 performing Coldplay's Fix You at the Michael Bublé concert @ Cape Town Stadium, March 2015
Michael Bublé performing Fever at Cape Town Stadium, March 2015
Michael Bublé performing Sway @ Cape Town Stadium, March 2015
Michael Bublé performing Feeling Good @ Cape Town Stadium, March 2015
Michael Bublé performing Backstreet's Back @ Cape Town Stadium, March 2015
Michael Bublé & Naturally 7 performing Daft Punk's Get Lucky (Part 1)  @ Cape Town Stadium, March 2015
Michael Bublé & Naturally 7 performing Daft Punk's Get Lucky (Part 2)  @ Cape Town Stadium, March 2015

AAAAAAH! aka Windows 10 is going to blow my mind

Last night I watched the live stream of the Windows 10 event. It was really long, but wow. My favourite bits (in no particular order):

  • Action Centre on PCs: Schweet.
  • Expandable Action Centre: Like on Android, more icons can be added to the Action Centre. Finally, I won’t have to choose my 4 most used settings anymore!
  • Start Screen personalised backgrounds: Instead of transparent tiles with a background, we will have the option to place a static background behind the tiles. Cute.
  • Recently installed apps promoted to top of Start Menu: Yes! I’ve sometimes discovered new apps on my phone that I installed during a download spree a week earlier but never actually launched because it’s buried in my alphabetical Start menu. As I have all my apps pinned to my Start Screen, I rarely open the Start menu.


  • Dedicated settings app: Sure, why not?
  • Detach and move keyboard around screen: Not sure I would really use this, but I think it’s one of those things I would need to see on my phone before I use it.
  • Reply to texts from toast notification: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss
  • Cortana will text for you: She recognises when you say hashtag!
  • Outlook mail app modernised: It’s now a universal app, looks much better and includes swipe gestures for quick actions Tinder style
  • Same for Calendar app: It’s now actually usable!!! With colour coding and everything!
  • Cortana integrated with Maps: She’ll even suggest an alternative route if there is traffic, and send the route to your phone.
  • Spartan!!!!: Will come to phone also!!! Can use notetaking mode to write on the webpage!!! Add comments to the webpage like in Word!!!
  • Xbox app now on Windows: It will auto record the last 30 seconds of gameplay for any game you are playing on windows, to catch those epic moments. So when my Sims do something wacky, I can capture the moment forever!
  • Stream games: The demo showed an Xbox One game being streamed to a Windows 10 PC, but I’m assuming it will work between two Windows 10 devices as well.
  • Windows Holographic & HoloLens: ?!?!?!?!? I think Microsoft just pulled a Google Glass, but to use at home/work, not outside in the general public areas.

Now to wait until February for the first build for Phone…

Ron excited


I’ve been missing out on The Flash and Arrow

I’ve taken way too long to catch up on these shows. I watched eps 1 – 4 of Arrow S3 and The Flash S1 earlier in the week, and on Saturday night I binge watched the remaining eps (5 each). I even lined up the crossover eps nicely (Arrow 305 – 307, The Flash 105-108, Arrow 308, The Flash 109, Arrow 309).

Arrow and The Flash cast

How adorable does everyone look together? I liked the implication of them bringing in Arrow’s baby mama (spoiler from season 1 alert?) at the end of The Flash crossover.

Arrow spider meme

Also I’ve been missing out on the fact there are so many Arrow memes. A few of my favourites:

Yes I was quite selective when choosing those. One does not get the same kind of results when searching for “The Flash CW memes”. Or rather, the only result I cared about was not even a meme:

Wentworth the flash

Time to break out the Prison Break folder!

Michael engineer