Paaper Bites

On Friday, I had a dire, extreme craving for the Alibaba Paaper Bites of my youth. The irregularly shaped, thick bits of samoosa pastry deep fried in oil, smothered in flavour and packaged into foil packets.

I drove my husband crazy, making him drive around the Northern suburbs looking for some. I found some at N1 City yesterday afternoon, but only me second favourite flavour: Bombay Chilli. I also bought Salted and Cheese & Onion just to have a standby until I could locate my ultimate: Secret Flavour. I found it this morning in the tuckshop next to my workplace.

The problem, of course, which affects Paaper Bites and most other snack products today, is that over the years, the recipes have been tweaked and pruned until the snack bears only a passing resemblance to what it once was. Yes, many of the changes made to Paaper Bites are good – virtually no oil residue, smaller and regular shaped pieces, and just enough flavour.

I am not eating Paaper Bites because I want a healthy snack. I eat Paaper Bites because they are terrible for you, but taste so good. I could buy one packet and and get lost in it. Now, I settle for this watered-down version.

My husband has offered to make them from scratch, which he could easily do, and the results will be delicious, no doubt. Yet Alibaba Paaper Bites takes me back to primary school, to a simpler time when I had to stand on tiptoes to reach the counter of the tuck shop to point out the flavour I wanted. Now that I know I have a source literally metres away from me…


I’ve really gotten into this writing thing

The other day, I sat in a local café and wrote blog posts. Yes, I made like a hipster, ordered a bottomless coffee, and wrote for three hours. It was amazing.

I put the tablet into flight mode because no way am I going to use public wifi without a VPN. I opened up all those draft posts I had stored with title and no content, and just wrote them.

Since I was very young, I read obsessively. My idea of fun was to go to the library to get more books. I would read the encyclopedia (that’s Wikipedia before the internet guys) if I didn’t have library books on hand. That’s why my general knowledge was always good, why I was captain of the General Knowledge team at primary school, and why I won a general knowledge competition on a community radio station in Grade 9 (crushing a dude in Matric in the process – he was not pleased).

I also entered the KTV writing competition thing when I was 10. The story was absolutely ridiculous, but surprisingly coherent, with a distinct structure and few grammar errors. In Grade 10, we were given an assignment for Computer Studies: take a children’s storybook, and present it as a Word document, making sure to include various breaks, layouts, wrapping and other Word techniques.

I took the Emily Strange character, and wrote a short story based on her life as the outcast adopted daughter of a group of adopted daughters (represented by Bratz dolls – it was a phase) of a rich couple who collected kids like a philatelist collects stamps (and this was the year before Brangelina became a thing).

The point of the assignment was to showcase the knowledge of Word obtained throughout the year, but that became the minor part for me. I never had any thoughts of becoming a writer though – it was always strictly a hobby.

That’s why when I play The Sims 2, I cannot allow things to “happen”. I must have a storyline in mind – what character each Sim is, what roles they play in the greater community, and what path their lives will take.


Since there’s only a limited time left

I’ve decided to “casual things up”. In my teens I never really wore “sneakers” or that kind of thing – I got my first (and only) pair of Chucks when I was 22. They are light pink, and still look new because I’ve only worn them a few times. No worries, because they were massively couponed (>50% off).

Seeing as I only have 5 4 and a bit years left before I am an Adult adult, I’m starting to wear my tshirts a lot more, and sneakers instead of pumps. I’m also wearing bright colours again. Or rather, brighter colours than I was already wearing before, in a more casual format.

What it boils down to is the fact that I needed to justify this:

Puma Sky High Sneaker Wedge in Purple and Black with Pink

Many thanks to my sisters for heeding my request for a Takealot voucher as a Christmas present, as well as the SO for putting up the rest of the funds. Also got 31% off the price because of #TakealotTuesday. Couponned! 😀 I don’t think that’s a word, but I have been and will continue to use it around here.


I wish I would be able to stop…

…but not really. I cannot stop listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989. It is, amazing. Maybe it’s to do with the fact that we are the same age and going through the quarter-life crisis. I think it’s more to do with the fact that she’s gone full pop now, which makes listening to her an option.

I don’t really like the upbeat songs, like Shake It Off. I prefer the ones which sound like Katy Perry should be singing them. Last week I was feeling I Wish You Would, while this week I’m feeling Clean. To counteract any Swift fatigue, I’ve been mixing the songs in the playlist with Maroon 5’s V and St Lucia’s When The Night. And a sprinkling of kdrama OSTs.