I ♥ vivofit

I know I have ranted about my vivofit on here before. I’ve also praised it, and that is not something I do lightly.

So on Monday evening, after I tested out my punching bag (finally, it was hung up again!), I realised that the vivofit had died. I was not upset though.

On the contrary, it had far surpassed its expected 1 year battery life. In fact, it lasted just over 2 years on its original batteries. This was after heavy usage during 2015 (during my original epic revamp), and some usage last year.

Either way, the only time I took it off between Jan 2015 and now was for my wedding day. That was literally the only day that I did not use it. As a result, my wrist has been feeling naked now for the last 3 days. I’ve been unable to get to a shop to buy a replacement battery due to exams, and my weak attempt yesterday (popped into Clicks super quickly) did not yield any results.

Frustratingly, looking online has not helped much either. Takealot, Clicks and Loot are out of stock. I can apparently replace the 1632 batteries with 1620s, which Dis-chem has in stock, but it won’t last as long. I may just drive around tomorrow after my last exam in search of the elusive 1632.

Either way, I guess I made a good choice back then.


This is the one: fitness tracker edition #3 (debate)

I’ve been waffling around on the topic of whether or not to get myself a new fitness tracker. I’ve been happy with my Vivofit (mostly), mainly because it served its purpose, and I’m still on the first battery (16 months later). Since I’m now only using the tracker out of habit, and as a heart rate guide during gym, I haven’t been focussing on these types of devices.

That was before I came across the vivomove in my daily Flipboarding. I was immediately intrigued, and once I saw my dealmakers (fully waterproof and year-long battery) I was hooked.

So of course, during my research for this post, I came across the vivofit 3. Now, when the vivofit 2 came out, the differences weren’t enough to make me jump (yes, a backlight for the screen would have been nice, but I got used to just not looking at it in the dark because duh).

However, the vivofit 3 has MoveIQ, which automatically recognises the activity you are doing (walking, swimming etc) and logs it as a separate activity. Initially, I did try separating my swimming activities from my boxing and cardio activities manually on Garmin Connect, but that grew old fast. Garmin also always classified my boxing as running or walking. The vivomove also lacks MoveIQ, but since I don’t have access to a pool anymore this isn’t a critical feature.

I’m torn at the moment. I like the new sporty design of the vivofit 3, while I like the classic Rose Gold version of the vivomove. Wearing the vivofit hasn’t impacted on the style of my outfits as much as I thought it would though, and the vivofit 3 is half the price of the vivomove. In my new role though, the vivomove would look more professional, and I can get additional sports bands for it.

As I said though, my vivofit is perfectly fine for now, so this debate is more about what I would like to upgrade to eventually. Although now that Nokia owns Withings, I may have to reconsider looking at their products again.


Garmin finally has an app for Windows

Sadly, the app is only for Windows 10. I installed it on my tablet and then spent an hour attempting to pair my vivofit, because of course, why would it work the first time?

Once I got the device paired and my profile loaded, I could view “snapshots” of my categories. The app is very beautifully made, but I can’t see a “sync” button, and the Garmin article does not indicate whether the sync takes place automatically when the Bluetooth is on. My data synced when pairing the device, but I’m not sure if that’s just because of the initial pairing process.

While I am happy about this development (mainly because I have not been able to sync the vivofit for 6 days via the dongle on Windows 7), I don’t know if it’s enough to carry on using the Vivofit.


Vivofit wrist rash

About a month after I started wearing the Vivofit, I developed a small rash under it on my wrist. It’s persisted over the last few months, sometimes flaring up for a few days (appearing bright red), then calming down to a slight mark.

It hasn’t gone away though, so I figured it was contact dermatitis. It’s not itchy at all though, but the mark doesn’t look nice.

It doesn’t help that I never take it off. I’ve now changed it to my right arm (where it feels super weird), and am considering taking it off when I sleep, since I don’t really need the sleep function anyway.

It’s just the mark looks similar to the heat rash in my elbow and neck, which in turn looked similar to the keto rash under my jaw and arm. Basically, I’ve had so many rashes this year it’s hard to keep track of what happened where and when and why (which reminds me of the allergic reaction rash I had in my face in April).


I’m a highly active person!

The other day, I decided to reinstall Garmin’s stupid, buggy Connect software because it stupidly refused to sync my Vivofit even though I was tapping the thing against the ANT stick for like 5 minutes.

When I logged in, it popped up a window to show my basic profile information. When I initially signed up to Garmin (and Fitbit, and Withings, and MyFitnessPal), I indicated my activity level as lightly active, which is the second lowest level.

Based on my activity over the last few months, Garmin has reclassified me as highly active. Me! I would never have thought of myself in that way. Nowadays, I average 11 000 steps per day, with 6 workouts per week:

  • 2 x ~30 min @ moderate intensity
  • 2 x ~60 min @ high intensity
  • 2 x ~90 min @ moderate/high intensity

That does qualify me as an active person. Ha!


This is the one: fitness tracker edition #2 (review #2)

This is the first time that I’m doing a second review of a device (since I barely even manage to do proper first reviews), but I am agitated enough to write this.

On Monday, my vivofit decided to forget my steps. I synced multiple times (syncing problems with the Garmin software aside), but it was like I never walked at all.

It’s Thursday now, and the steps just haven’t appeared. The same goes for my activities from my heart rate monitor for Monday and Tuesday evening. Even though the vivofit was clearly recording, the data did not sync to Garmin Connect.

What’s surprising is that all my steps for Tuesday was synced, and my sleep data, but not the activity data. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyy

I am driven by these numbers. They are my primary source of motivation. It annoys me that after forking out good money for this thing, that Garmin knows about these issues, but apparently does not care.

As things stand now, I will probably only make use of this device until My Epic Revamp is complete. When I’m in maintenance, I won’t need to be so obsessive about these numbers any more. I’m sure there will be better devices appearing by that time.


My Epic Revamp: Fitness Edition (Q1 Update)

This is actually a month overdue, but at least I’m still doing it.

    1. Use technology to the max: The Fitbit was indeed replaced by a far superior device. My food diary has been living in MyFitnessPal for the last few months, with my only complaints being the web interface really needs an update, and the Windows Phone app randomly logs me out. The integration with Garmin Connect adjusts my calorie limits based on the exercise I’ve done with my HRM attached, but not based on steps. Hmm.
    2. 8000 steps a day (minimum): This is more like a work in progress. My daily average steps has increased as I’ve become fitter, and my Vivofit is set on automatic goal – each day my step goal is adjusted upwards if I’ve exceeded my goal the previous day. If I go down, the step goal goes down. The Vivofit also adds steps when it doesn’t need to, but as I’ve said, everything balances out so I’m not concerned about that.
    3. Increase my overall stamina: This is more of an anecdotal measurement, but yes, there has been a definite improvement. I’m surprised when my 45 minute workout playlist comes to an end, because I haven’t even noticed the time going by. Before, I would be counting the beats of the songs to get to the end.
    4. Increase my overall flexibility: My core strength has increased, and I can twist around/bend/stretch further than before, but I have yet to move onto the harder videos in the Blogilates series.
    5. Stick to my workout schedule: For the most part, I’ve stuck to it. I’ve slacked off on sticking to the Pilates schedule, but I’ve stuck to the boxing. There were times when work got in the way, or when I had a mild illness. Nevertheless, even just sort of sticking to a schedule is an accomplishment.

    Progress has been made on all of the key points, and getting fit and walking more is now a way of life for me.

    fitbit meme