Microsoft Flow

I got very excited when Paul posted about Microsoft Flow the other day. Of course, with anything Microsoft, one always has to suffer a bit and ask “Why would they do this???”

Case in point, when I tried to sign up with my Microsoft account, it wouldn’t let me. I tried on a different device with the same result before I realised it was trying to use my school account credentials. This struck me as odd, until I went through the documentation.

Apparently, Microsoft would like to know why on earth I would want to use a personal account for this service instead of a work or school account. Judging by the comments, there are other people who are as riled up as I am. I’ve now had to sign up on the PowerUsers forum so I can post my reasons why.

The main reason is that everything (mostly) is tied to my personal Microsoft account. When I resigned last year, I had to leave my previous work’s Office 365 account behind because duh. I don’t want to attach anything to my school account because I will most likely finish up by mid 2018, and I don’t want to have to extricate myself from services then.

A third reason is all these things that I do for productivity (OneNote, Wunderlist, Pushbullet, programming) is because I enjoy it. Yes, it ultimately does help me with my daily tasks at work, but mostly it’s for my own personal benefit.

Those reasons are neither here nor there now, seeing as to get access I just signed in with my school account so that I could at least test out the service. I eagerly looked forward to building my long awaited Wunderlist > Onenote Flow…and of course Microsoft does not yet have integration support for many of its own products.

I’m not even surprised. I had considered building my own Python app to integrate Wunderlist and OneNote, but time is precious lately. I’ve now posted an idea on the forum.

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