This is the one: fitness tracker edition #3 (debate)

I’ve been waffling around on the topic of whether or not to get myself a new fitness tracker. I’ve been happy with my Vivofit (mostly), mainly because it served its purpose, and I’m still on the first battery (16 months later). Since I’m now only using the tracker out of habit, and as a heart rate guide during gym, I haven’t been focussing on these types of devices.

That was before I came across the vivomove in my daily Flipboarding. I was immediately intrigued, and once I saw my dealmakers (fully waterproof and year-long battery) I was hooked.

So of course, during my research for this post, I came across the vivofit 3. Now, when the vivofit 2 came out, the differences weren’t enough to make me jump (yes, a backlight for the screen would have been nice, but I got used to just not looking at it in the dark because duh).

However, the vivofit 3 has MoveIQ, which automatically recognises the activity you are doing (walking, swimming etc) and logs it as a separate activity. Initially, I did try separating my swimming activities from my boxing and cardio activities manually on Garmin Connect, but that grew old fast. Garmin also always classified my boxing as running or walking. The vivomove also lacks MoveIQ, but since I don’t have access to a pool anymore this isn’t a critical feature.

I’m torn at the moment. I like the new sporty design of the vivofit 3, while I like the classic Rose Gold version of the vivomove. Wearing the vivofit hasn’t impacted on the style of my outfits as much as I thought it would though, and the vivofit 3 is half the price of the vivomove. In my new role though, the vivomove would look more professional, and I can get additional sports bands for it.

As I said though, my vivofit is perfectly fine for now, so this debate is more about what I would like to upgrade to eventually. Although now that Nokia owns Withings, I may have to reconsider looking at their products again.

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