My experience with H&M: An analysis.

Yesterday, at the behest of my sisters and after weeks of them hyping it, the SO and I decided to visit H&M at the Waterfront. We were there when it opened at 9am.

I have not seen a shop fill up with people so quickly. I was so overwhelmed by the size, the super long escalator, the amount of clothing. I ended up getting a number of dresses and tank tops at 3 for 2, while the SO got a bunch of tshirts and shorts.

The experience was quite pleasant, and the prices are affordable, even at “normal” price. Quality of the clothing seems good as well (I’m currently wearing one of the dresses I procured), but we’ll see in the long run.


Now this is how you purchase a connected scale

A few weeks ago I purchased a connected scale. I also just realised I have to post a review of it still. Oops.

I mentioned in that post that Incredible Connection was running an online promo at the time. Now, I am not one to advocate for shopping at IC, it’s just that I have learnt during my couponing adventures that you should not block out certain shops based on reputation/prior interactions.

All the shops (online/off) that I checked out had the Withings scale for R2500. I think one shop had it for R2000, but there was a 5 day delivery time or something. IC had it for R2500 + R500 off my next online purchase.

Yes, I know it’s a trick to ensure repeat business, but it was the best deal going at the time. Here’s why I count this as a couponed experience:

  1. Online purchase with credit card -> highest bank eBucks reward
  2. IC is an eBucks partner -> partner eBucks reward
  3. A branch close to me had stock -> no delivery cost as I was going to that mall anyway
  4. Bonus voucher

I ended up using the voucher to purchase GTA V for the SO for R299. Another online purchase, so all the reasons above apply, plus the SO gets a legit game to hammer the GTX 970.


My biggest couponing coup yet: 94% off!

Last year, we bought our parents an air fryer. It’s normally R1799, but it was marked down to R750. The SO and I considered purchasing one as well, but we decided against it. I left it in my wishlist though.

We’ve been enjoying using it over the last few months. It’s convenient, makes the chips super crispy without oil, and can be used to bake or heat basically anything. We’ve made English muffins in there a few times, back when I was friendly with carbs – it was amazing.

On a normal weekday evening last week, I was trawling my Takealot wishlist, as I often do. I’m in the habit of doing a daily sweep of all my online shopping haunts, to keep a mental comparison of prices.

When I scrolled past the air fryer though, I stopped. I called my sisters to verify that it was indeed R99. I closed the browser and came back in: R99. I added one to my cart: R99. I checked out: R99.


So we ended up buying 8. Guess everyone we know will be getting air fryers for their birthdays.


My experience with Amazon imports through Raru

About a month ago, I found out that Raru has been offering an import service from Amazon US and UK since January. I decided to test it out, seeing as I’ve always been put off the idea of ordering something off there.

I scoured Amazon US looking for a cover for my phone. I found a pink version of the one the SO has (which we got by buying one off a colleague who had mistakenly ordered 2 through Wantitall).

The price was reduced ($9.99), and since I knew the quality of the item, I decided to paste it into Raru’s search. It came up as R139, all taxes/customs/shipping/whatever included. I then immediately added a gaming mouse for the SO @ R188, and scored free delivery from Raru as well.

The items indicated dispatch within 10-15 working days. After 8 working days, I noticed that my phone cover had arrived but the mouse was still in progress. On the 13th day, I received an email from Raru to inform me that my one item has arrived, but there is a possible delay of about 3 weeks on the other item. Would I like to wait for the other item to arrive, or deliver the one item now and the other one later (at no extra cost of course)?

I went the second route naturally, and the next day my phone was secured in its shiny pink cover. The process was smooth, and when a problem arose I was notified timeously and given options to resolve the matter. I’m very impressed and hope they carry on in this way.

What I really liked was that as soon as items were marked down on Amazon, it would reflect on Raru. The one day, Microsoft had 60% off on their keyboards.  I checked the price on Raru, and it was reduced as well.

Of course, now that our exchange rate has tanked, the prices have all gone up (my phone cover is now more than double the price) but since Amazon does regular price reductions. I’ve got a couple of things in my wish list to keep an eye on. I saw some nice jewellery pieces…

amazon prime


Since there’s only a limited time left

I’ve decided to “casual things up”. In my teens I never really wore “sneakers” or that kind of thing – I got my first (and only) pair of Chucks when I was 22. They are light pink, and still look new because I’ve only worn them a few times. No worries, because they were massively couponed (>50% off).

Seeing as I only have 5 4 and a bit years left before I am an Adult adult, I’m starting to wear my tshirts a lot more, and sneakers instead of pumps. I’m also wearing bright colours again. Or rather, brighter colours than I was already wearing before, in a more casual format.

What it boils down to is the fact that I needed to justify this:

Puma Sky High Sneaker Wedge in Purple and Black with Pink

Many thanks to my sisters for heeding my request for a Takealot voucher as a Christmas present, as well as the SO for putting up the rest of the funds. Also got 31% off the price because of #TakealotTuesday. Couponned! 😀 I don’t think that’s a word, but I have been and will continue to use it around here.


Now this is how you purchase a tablet

*Edit* This should have been posted in December 2013. Time just got away from me I guess.

Recently I made a large (large for me) purchase of a consumer device which will no doubt be obsolete as soon as I finish typing this sentence. OK shame it’s not that bad. I am of course referring to the Samsung Note 8. After watching the prices for about three months – at one point it was available for between R5245 and R7500 at 5 different vendors, hooray for SA retail – I purchased it from Takealot on “Black Friday”. Or this country’s cheap version of Black Friday, which is to say not cheap at all, with few discounts of 10% (if we’re lucky) on limited items.

However, they took R1500 off the price of the N5110, which is the wifi only model. Seeing as I have wifi at home and do not consume data at all while at work, I decided to take the plunge. Of course, the decision was helped along by a few factors

1. Got my first bonus ever PTL, so it won’t affect my festive season budget
2. Pay cash – no debt
3. Use the cheque card to pay online – higher Ebucks rate than credit card + 1.5% boost for festive season
4. Get Ebucks from Takealot
5. Black Friday discount

Did I just quintuple-coupon something?


It’s a lifestyle choice

I don’t shop; I coupon. Now when I say coupon, I don’t mean it in the sense of actual extreme couponing, where I obsessively cut coupons out of newspapers and file them. They can’t have American style couponing in Cape Town, the people here would literally kill each other so they could grab all the papers for themselves.

No, my style of couponing is essentially more of a lifestyle, where I try to get the best value for my money/time, even if it means being “inconvenienced”. For example, the other day we were looking at hair gel at a leading local healthy and beauty store that my family has had a clubcard at for years (ok it was Clicks), and the cost was R46.

Instead of taking it there, I chose to walk the 50m to another leading local health and beauty store (ok it was Dischem) to compare the prices. Turns out they had a promotion on the entire range of hair products, so we bought it there for R33.

So to sum up the benefits of that experience:
– Exercise: A few hundred steps extra to walk to the next shop
– Money: R13 saving
– Points: Benefit Points from Dischem card, as well as Ebucks

With minimal effort on my part, I was able to achieve these benefits.


New things are scary

Online shopping in SA

This means that, once people are persuaded to shop online – and that takes some doing – they are generally happy with the experience.

Interestingly, despite the Internet being my second home, I have always been hesitant to shop online. I had been fairly comfortable with Internet banking as it came free with my student bank account, but as I had never had a credit card either and don’t trust house delivery, I could have gone my entire life without ordering anything online.

A few of my colleagues convinced me I was missing out, so last year October with my shiny new credit card I ordered a CD off Takealot. I opted to pick it up from their warehouse since it is close to my workplace. Aaaaaaand now I may never buy anything in a brick-and-mortar shop again. I’ve also been purchasing groupons (gasp!) and making hotel reservations online. I’ve stopped using my credit card though, and just use my Visa cheque card (in keeping with my belief in minimising debt on all fronts).