Another curly update

I hadn’t made any progress on the frizz problem at all since my last update. I resigned myself to having frizzy hair for the foreseeable future. Last week though, I decided that in the name of reducing our water usage even more, I would lose the squish-to-condish step in my Wednesday hairwash, and just do the co-wash. I then applied the leave-in conditioner in the shower and plopped the hair immediately.

No more frizz! Just like that. I still pineappled the hair overnight, despite it feeling more “creamy” from holding onto the conditioner, but in the morning when I loosened it, I had large, well-defined curls with nooooooo frizz in sight. Now I still have to figure out the trick to refreshing the curls by the time day 3 rolls around, but I feel like I’m almost there.



After taking some time away from everyone and everything to mourn the loss of our baby girl, I feel coherent enough to return to the blog and life in general. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for almost a year now, so I have decided to have her little name tag and initial tattooed on my wrist. I’ll probably go have it done in a few months’ time, as I’ll need to be strong enough to go the tattoo artist by myself.

As usual, I haven’t done much in the last few weeks. We did go see Lifehouse in concert last night (we left after their half, didn’t stay for Collective Soul) because Rahul’s never actually been to a proper concert before, and we have an attachment to Lifehouse. Their songs kept us going during our long-distance years, we walked out of our wedding ceremony to “Hanging by a Moment”:

and our first dance was “You and Me”.

We had supper at the Hussar Grill before the show, which was a first for the both of us. It was quite enjoyable, we will definitely be going back when the macros allow. It was also my 29th birthday last week. My husband and I have never been big into gift giving, we rather buy each other things as needed/wanted, or save up for experiences. Our rule for birthdays is no gifts, but the celebrant gets to dictate how the day is spent.

I ended up going factory shopping because our freezer was low on proteins, and then chilled with the cats for the rest of the day. Rahul cooked my requested supper (Indian chilli chicken, exactly how they make it in the restaurants in Kerala) and I had seconds while my mouth was on fire and my eyes were tearing. It was wonderful.

We also completed the 3 week transition to the Regimen. I sorted out the snags, so we’re kicking off properly today. I’ll be posting some back-dated blogs as part of my MCU review series as I’ve managed to stick to the viewing schedule.


An overview of yesterday’s developments

A lot of things that I find interesting happened yesterday. I figured that today I need to point out a few of them.


Another (not so quick) update on the current workout regime

Last week I gave a quickish update on my current workout regime. Things kind of escalated last week, and I had to stop working out for a few days.

This is because I developed the keto rash. While I may never have gone into full ketosis, I was probably hovering pretty close to the edge for a while. In my delight that the carb cycling was working, I kind of forgot that one should only do an 8 week cut.

So it was around Week 9 that I developed an itchy rash under my jawline. It looked like heat rash, which after a few days took on the appearance of eczema, which runs in my family. I stopped working out and applied some allergy cream, which helped. I then resumed exercising and carb cycling last week, at which point the rash moved into my neck and under my left arm.

While I’ve been going through a number of life changing events over the last few months, my extreme diet change seems to be the most likely culprit. I’d hit a plateau anyway last week (with my current weight as my new baseline, so that’s nice at least), so from this week I will be changing things up.

Over the last few months of tracking, I have realised that the “21 days to form a habit” seems true for me. I always plateau in the 4th week. From today, I will be switching up my regime every 3 weeks. For the next 3 weeks, I will be doing 40/40/20 C/P/F, with an increased focus on cardio workouts. For the following 3 weeks, I will be doing 30/60/10 CPF, with an increased focus on weights.

I’m going to be doing this for the rest of the year, rotating the 3 week regimes. My first goal is in sight, and I refuse to let stupid things like rashes get in the way.


My Epic Revamp: Life Edition (Q2 Update)

  1. Maintain a state of order (in my living space): You know what? It won’t matter soon anyway, so I’m enjoying my space while I still have it.
  2. Maintain a state of order (in my finances): Ongoing. I got a bit irritated with the new eBucks rules before I realised it actually works in my favour. Using 22seven to monitor my transactions has been very helpful. Now if they had a Windows Phone app…
  3. Maintain a state of order (in my mind): Eh. I’m going through a very stressful time now, so I kind of just let things hang out.

My Epic Revamp: Career Edition (Q2 Update)

  1. Take part in more MOOCs: While I added a bunch of MOOCs focussing on networking and the cloud, I haven’t been motivated enough to keep up with them. Some stuff has happened lately which I will talk about when the time is right, which caused me to lose focus on the MOOCs.
  2. Become more involved in the community: I’ve started hanging around on GIS.SE again, so that’s going well. I’m still mostly posting on my blog and on GitHub though. I have become more active on my LinkedIn.
  3. Start the process for professional registration: The company just paid the invoice, so next week I send my application off to JHB for processing.
  4. Sort out Honours: I just registered for the other 2 modules I need to do to get into Honours. The one focusses on writing SQL queries for Oracle, which I haven’t used before, so it should be interesting. I really need to expand my experience beyond the Microsoft/ESRI environment. The admin guy at UNISA also warned me ahead of time that they are switching over to a new system next year, so I must make sure to apply now otherwise there may be glitches with my application because of my special circumstances.


My Epic Revamp: Fitness Edition (Q2 Update)

  1. Use technology to the max: I figured out that in order for MFP to “see” the calories burned from steps, I had to enable negative calorie adjustment. Those totals don’t really matter anymore, now that I’m carb cycling. The Windows Phone app has been behaving itself lately, so I use it occasionally. A great addition to my growing collection of fitness gadgets has been the Withings scale. Seeing that body fat % number every few days has really played a huge part in motivating me to stay strong and carry on.
  2. 8000 steps a day (minimum): I’ve definitely been improving. Every day I easily hit 10 000 steps. The dips in the graph below are for days I was sick.
  3. Increase my overall stamina: Yes. I can now box/dumbbells/kettlebell for over an hour without feeling like I want to collapse. Yay! I reserve those intense workouts for high carb days though (more about that in my upcoming carb cycling post).
  4. Increase my overall flexibility: I’ve been doing a 20 minute Pilates workout I found on SparkPeople. Coupled with my 2kg ankle weights, it’s a great workout for low carb days. I also integrated the butt workout from Pump It Up.
  5. Stick to my workout schedule: I have stuck to my schedule strictly for the last few weeks. The results have been encouraging. My current schedule includes Pilates + Stretching on low carb days, Rockin’ Body on moderate carb days, and boxing + weights on high carb days.