Newbie pains and gains, again

We kicked off our epic revamp on Tuesday as scheduled. With the new 5 day routine, for the first month I will be doing 3 cardio, 2 strength. I decided not to use my wrist weights this week, to just get my body back into workout mode.

I started with the 45 minute dance workout, which got my heart rate above 190 a few times, but I was able to complete it without a significant impact on my fitness level. My arms were as tired as if I had used my wrist weights though, but that is too be expected.

On Wednesday, I did Amy’s 30 Minute full body dumbbell workout for some strength training with a bit of cardio. In the process, I destroyed my thighs. Last year, I could do this workout with 4.5 kg dumbbells and feel the burn, but not the pain. I struggled with my 2kg dumbbells on Wednesday, and I still can’t walk down the stairs because my legs refuse to cooperate.

Overall, it was a good start, but I could not bear the thought of doing Shaun’s Dance Party again last night, particularly because I have to drive today (ugh). Instead, we’re going shopping later, so I’ll do a bit more walking to release some of the muscle tension, and then do Shaun’s 25 minute booty workout instead (which is cardio with squats).


Officially cancelled gym today

This process was so painless, I’m so glad that I chose to do it on the phone. We were planning on going to gym last night but after my husband said he didn’t want to, I decided that I would cancel my membership today.

The contact centre agent was very helpful, informing me that the cancellation fee is 40% of the remainder of my contract (8 months), which came to a very reasonable ~R600. I have until end June to visit the gym if I wish (I don’t).

Now I can return to my previous workout strategy. Conveniently, Makro is having a health equipment sale, so tonight after we pick up a home gym for the SO, he’ll be able to cancel his membership as well.


Goodbye to gym, again

After much discussion, the SO and I have decided to quit gym. After my failed attempts at gym in 2013, and the results I achieved in 2015 with my epic revamp, gym never made a lot of sense for me. I tried for the sake of my husband, who absolutely needs his bench press and weights, but I cannot function in a gym.

The only healthy lifestyle that is sustainable is the one that you can sustain. For me, that means portioning/weighing my food out on Sundays for the week, coming home straight after work, doing whichever 45 minute workout video I’ve chosen for the day, and getting into my studies. My husband prefers to gym for 90 minutes, which is OK because he enjoys it and his body seems to like the punishment.

Going to gym did not suit either of us. We could only start gym at 17:00 and leave at 18:30 to get home after 7. I would have an unsatisfactory 45 minute session, unable to achieve my HR zones because I hate the cardio equipment. I’d also experience inadequate strength workouts as I had no guarantee I would be able to complete three super circuits in a row due to certain people hogging machines on the circuit instead of the standalone ones.

My husband would only complete half of his workout, or try to condense it. He would also encounter the machine hogs, who would congregate in groups of three around one bench to cheer each other on. In other words, it does not make sense to go to gym anymore when we can use eBucks to get him a bench and weights. I already have my space, a mat, some dumbbells and YouTube.

Now the next problem is actually getting out of the 12 month contract. We don’t mind paying a cancellation fee, because even if it’s the remainder of the contract, it’s money we would have wasted anyway by not going. Working out at home will be much better instead.


Starting Training Cycle 1

Today we go full steam ahead into Training Cycle 1. This will be a 4 week period where we follow a strict workout and eating schedule. I’ve set macros at 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat, but I won’t be tracking the food.

Weekdays will follow the same pattern:

  • Breakfast: 1/4 high protein smoothie + small meal (either provita with peanut butter/cottage cheese, or homemade egg muffins)
  • Morning snack: apple/orange
  • Lunch: Protein with veg, and a small helping of carbs
  • Pre-gym: 3/4 protein high protein smoothie
  • Supper: Protein with veg, and a medium helping of carbs
  • Pre-bed: Rooibos green tea with lemon and honey

We’re gymming every weekday – I’ll be following the plan I outlined on Friday while the SO is focussing on strength training. Saturdays are rest days, while on Sundays we will do some boxing training together.


Tweaking the gym schedule

After trying my workout on Wednesday, I realised I didn’t account for the fools who loiter on the super circuit instead of loitering in the weights section, because there are like 2 matching machines there for every machine on the circuit.

So, since fools gonna fool, I will be adjusting my workout accordingly. I also need to switch up my stretches because my knee was not happy with me.

  • W :: 1 min :: Static stretching
  • W :: 2 min :: Dynamic stretching
  • W :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 1 – 3
  • S :: 9 min :: Super circuit
  • C :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 4 – 6
  • S :: 9 min :: Super circuit :: 2
  • C :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 6 – 4
  • W :: 2 min :: Static stretching

That workout is a total of 38 minutes. With a 1 minute buffer in between each section for walking across the gym, it comes to a total of 43 minutes. I then still have a 2 minute buffer ICOF (in case of fools).

I watched on Wednesday as a really skinny guy was on the leg curl machine. He had the weight on the lightest level (4.5kg) and was curling so fast the plates kept bashing together. Seriously, all he is going to achieve with that is skinnier legs. It really irks me that I lose valuable training time because some people are there for show.


It’s transition week at gym

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying our transition back to into gym. The facilities are very good for the price we are paying, and we can avoid traffic by working out.

I tried the super circuit for the first time on Monday, testing out all the machines. Now that I have the hang of it, I plan to incorporate it into my routine. I’m looking at doing the following:

  • W :: 4 min :: Cross trainer :: 1
  • W :: 2 min :: Dynamic stretching
  • W :: 2 min :: Static stretching
  • S :: 10 min :: Super circuit
  • C :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 3 – 6
  • S :: 10 min :: Super circuit :: 2
  • C :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 3 – 6
  • W :: 5 min :: Static stretching

That makes up 43 minute, with a 2 minute buffer in case something unforeseen happens. I’m going to try this today and on Friday, in preparation for our go-live next week into Training phase.


First day back at gym yesterday

I had my first workout in 2 months yesterday, and the difference was noticeable. My heart rate refused to come down after the 30 minute cardio session, despite a 5 minute cool down and stretch.

I went to the showers and my pulse was still sitting at 153BPM. Seriously uncool, but I’m surprised the damage was not worse. Today will be another 30 minute cardio session, as this week is the transition week.

From next week we are going full blast ahead with what I will not be calling My Epic Revamp, but instead just my lifestyle.