Oh happy days

I arrive at work at 05:52, to find that someone else has been using my desk last week. He moved everything around and left his wireless keyboard in the middle of my desk. I’ve pushed it to the side now.

I then discover he has left a Takealot box under my desk. As I move to pick it up, two cockroaches sprint out. Oh yes, my floor has cockroaches now. Apparently they fumigated last week.

At least it’s going to be warm today.


Daily routines

I’m having a hard time adjusting to our new daily routine. When I worked in Century City, I lived 18kms away. Leaving the house at 05:55, it took me roughly 20 minutes to get to work (and to one of the limited free parking spots on the premises). Leaving at 15:40 in the afternoon ensured that I would get home within 30 minutes max.

Now, we live 36km from my workplace. We leave home at 05:35 so that my husband can get off in Goodwood at 06:05, and that I can reach work at 06:40. We try to minimise my driving as much as possible because of my knee, but this is as good as it gets. We used to leave at 05:40 but one day I sat for 15 minutes on a bridge on-ramp that is literally 500m (I measured) and I just, refused.

I leave my desk at 15:42 so that I can pull out of the parking garage at 15:49. This is because in the afternoon I have to take the lift down 5 floors, walk up the ramp 1 floor and across the garage since of course my spot is on the opposite side. I then circle down 7 floors to get out of the garage and join the CBD traffic. After nipping around the N1, I reach my husband at about 16:21.

I then wait until he comes out at 16:34, and he drives us to gym. We arrive at 16:48, and leave gym at 18:15. After going through traffic on Voortrekker Road, we arrive home at 18:45. I prepare the food (warmed up from the weekend/freezer or dished from the slow cooker) so we can finish eating by 19:15. My husband then washes the dishes while I do my hair/prep the food for the lunch the next day.

By 8pm I sit down to study while he cleans/reads/researches, and by 21:30 we are sleeping. We actually only spend about 3 hours in the evening “living” in the house. I lose 2 hours to traffic every day. I have no desire at all to study when we get home. I just feel like there must be a better way to do things.


I have to present tomorrow

As part of our induction programme, tomorrow morning my group has to deliver a 20 minute interactive presentation. Somehow, the facilitator has managed to combine three things I cannot stand into one task: groupwork, presenting to a crowd containing potential unknowns, and making it super long and interactive.

Yet somehow I am not nervous, and have in fact volunteered to present two sections through storytelling. What am I doing??? Have I gone mad because of all the many changes???


Adjusting to a new job

After starting my new job last Friday, I’m in an orientation programme for this week. I already feel settled in, because my credentials were ready, I have my laptop and access card, and my desk is set up.

I’m ready to get stuck into the work, which I will be talking about more over at Everything is Spatial. That’s next week’s drama though, so I’m going to enjoy this week’s programme, learning more about the history of the company (which is genuinely quite interesting) and how things work around there.


Another rant and rave about OneDrive for Business, and light at the end of the tunnel

After ranting about the OneDrive for Business app on this blog, to my colleagues, and to our IT Servicedesk, it appears that Microsoft has decided to personally respond to my complaints. Yesterday, they announced the preview version of their next-gen sync client, which basically means the ODfB client has now been integrated into the consumer OneDrive client.


In my last rant, I stated that I was giving up on ODfB, at least until Microsoft sorts itself out. I then attempted to go back to normal OneDrive, but it was no longer working on my work laptop. I decided to wait until my new one arrived.

Of course, it didn’t install on my new one either. My suspicions were confirmed when I asked our on-site IT support lady to please look into it for me, as I did not want to have to deal with our off-site support again (in the Philippines). She reported that yes, IS has blocked the installation of the consumer OneDrive client because everyone must use ODfB now that the company has completed the switch to Office 365.

I pointed out that not only do very few people even know about ODfB, most people are using Dropbox anyway. A few years ago, they had a special whitelist for people who specifically requested access to Dropbox. They had to scrap the list and open access to everyone because too many people were asking. The consumer OneDrive always worked because no one was using it at work (besides me).

She then said IS indicated to her that soon they will remove Dropbox access and force everyone onto ODfB. I’m going to buy some popcorn so I have something to eat when the inevitable fireworks over that decision explodes. Anyway.

I decided to google around again, and discovered that my real issue is not a 20 000 file limit, but a 20 000 sync limit, purely because of the limitations of the current ODfB client. The workaround is to use the browser to upload (no), or to map your ODfB account as a network drive.

I tried to map it immediately, knowing deep within that it would fail. After putting in my ODfB url and connecting with my AD credentials, I got an Access Denied error. I needed to add the company’s SharePoint site into my Trusted Sites under Internet Explorer options. Guess what?

Some of these settings are managed by your system administrator.

Now tell me, why is the company’s Office 365 SharePoint main site thing not in the list of trusted sites? Why do I have to suffer like this, trying to stick to “company-approved” apps while others merrily Dropbox it up? Unbelievable.

Either way, I still have to wait because Microsoft is, of course, staggering the rollout of the new client. Seeing as we just completed the switch to 365, and got everyone onto Office 2013 (just in time for 2016’s release), I can only assume that IS is not even aware of this development, never mind trying to get on a waiting list. Until I log several calls about this issue when I get back to office tomorrow.

Yes, I’m still sick at home, mostly because my brain still feels sore. Probably because I’m ranting about computers and overthinking this again.