RIP Chester ♥

I’ve written about my relationship with Linkin Park before, but never really in detail. I had a super long post planned about the impact that Linkin Park has had on my life, mainly because of Chester. His songs have taken on new meaning to me in the last few months, although I did basically ignore their new album (not my taste, and Lord knows I’ve expanded my music tastes over the last 2 years).

I’ve thought about writing this post all day, but as I sit here now, after reading a bunch of articles and thinkpieces about what happened, I don’t really have anything to say. Except I’ll keep listening to all my favourite songs, and some of the others too, just as I have for the last 15 years. Depression is a bitch. I’m sad for what has happened, and for his family, but I’m also happy that Chester is finally at peace. ♥

Official Linkin Park Facebook cover photo today. Beautiful.


RIP Kensey

On Wednesday night I transferred 6 of my budgies to the new cage I bought for them. Yesterday I came home to find only 5 in the cage. After a thorough search we came to the conclusion that she must have flown out of the kitchen window.

I’ve gotten used to doing a quick headcount when I get home everyday since Reagan is an escape artist of note. I was a bit puzzled then to discover that Kensey was gone, especially since she is so close to Chuck. Was close. I hope that she died quickly from shock, and not from a cat or the rain last night or a car 😦


Things have been a bit quiet around lately

I know, I know, I mentioned this before. For real though, I got sick again (my allergies have really kicked into overdrive this year). Despite the injection really helping, returning to work today (to a unpredictable aircon) set me back a few days.

I spent a good part of the day coughing, but at least it wasn’t the post-nasal-dripping cough of last week. I should survive this time. I’m going through some other stuff as well – seriously, things are just snowballing out of control. I also just noticed as I’m typing that my fingers are starting to their age. Ugh.