Michael Bublé: may I have some more?

Last night’s Michael Bublé concert was amazing. My family has had his Caught in the Act DVD since it came out, and it has been replayed at every function we have had in our home since as background music. It is basically the soundtrack to many happy memories.

I first started liking Michael when I heard his rendition of Sway. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I liked it. Things just sort of escalated from there. He is a fantastic performer, with non-stop jokes and a real genuine feel about him.

I also got to meet Naturally 7 (twice! haha) and got their autographs. Yay! I also decided to buy a Bublé bag as a memento of my first ever concert at Cape Town Stadium. I’ll upload this post with more videos and photos later, my stupid internet is too slow to upload now.