This is the one: Cloud storage edition #2 (debate)

I’ve been down this road before. I’ve ranted about OneDrive, and I’ve also swooned about it. Just going to link to that image again:

In my original post from 2015, I captioned this: “How do you like them Apples?” Now I just sigh.

With those storage limits now a long distant memory, yesterday I turned the PC on to find this

Snip of OneDrive cloud icon in system tray showing storage is full - Why yes, I did hodge-podge this together in Paint. I'm not going to spend an hour in GIMP trying to accomplish the same thing.

Why yes, I did hodge-podge this together in Paint. I’m not going to spend an hour in GIMP trying to accomplish the same thing.

I then go to check my account storage and find this:



My last enthusiast bonus expired, so now I’m down to a 30GB limit. Yes, I can probably remove a bunch of (mostly work-related) stuff, but now that I’ve been entrenching myself within the Google ecosystem over the last year, I thought that perhaps it was relooking at Google Drive. Or finally rolling my own cloud solution, which I’m pretty sure I’ve been threatening to do for at least 2 years now. Oh well.

So, my options are:

  • Stick with OneDrive
  • Migrate to Google Drive (and eventually change my digital ecosystem)
  • Roll my own cloud storage

I think this debate and decision needs to be carried out simultaneously with the creation of my home network (now that we know we’re staying) and my backup solution (because, seriously cloud storage != backup).


Leaving Windows Phone was the right choice

Today Mary Jo Foley posted an article which mirrored a post I wrote a few weeks ago. She articulated what I had been struggling to say.

A few key points:

I didn’t come to this decision lightly. I actually really liked Windows Phone and figured I’d be one of the last to go down with the ship…

Windows 10 Mobile, in many ways, feels like a step backwards from Windows Phone 8.X,

…I am not interested in Apple products…I am not interested in Apple products

I missed my Windows Phone Live Tiles…

…I’m not much of an app person…I’m not much of an app person

My interest in all flavors of Windows, including Mobile, remains…

I think she said it better than I did. While I am still keenly interested in the future of Windows Mobile, I am perfectly happy with my Android phone now. Although now that the Mate 8 came out (and bundled with the Huawei Watch), I am a bit annoyed that I didn’t wait 2 months.


I am so over phones

I’m not planning on upgrading my smartphone once my contract ends in November. Firstly, I need to get as far away from Vodacom as possible. I cannot be their hostage any longer.

Secondly, I’ve realised that the main reason I need my phone is to keep in touch with the SO while we are apart. I could do that just fine with my N8, yet I needed to get a new phone because that 256MB RAM was killing me.

I don’t use my smartphone as a smartphone. This is a problem. It’s why the lack of apps on Windows Phone has never really bothered me. I may check my email on the phone, use Pushbullet to share articles with the SO, and check my Feedly, but that’s it. Those tasks also only happen occasionally.

Every “smart” task that I want to do, I can do using Astro. I don’t need a phone to do it. Dan’s treatise on the subject last week really got me thinking about this.

I agree with most of his sentiments – Microsoft (Ballmer) brought all this nonsense upon themselves mostly. They’ve made it extremely hard to support them. My colleague, who got his Lumia 1020 shortly after I did, is considering getting a Galaxy Note 5 instead. It’s just been too long – the processor in the 1020 was approaching end of life even before the phone was released, and that was two years ago now.

My younger sister just bought herself an LG G4, after her Lumia 925 finally packed up last week after months of doing random things. I don’t even bother using the 41MP camera in my 1020 anymore, because the camera software got so buggered after each “update”, rendering it virtually unusable and slow.

Literally, the main reason I delayed getting a new phone after my N8 was because I was waiting for the camera. It’s the reason I had to return to Vodacom after porting away from them after 10 years of being ripped off (because they were the only ones offering the phone immediately).

I haven’t bothered upgrading to the Windows 10 Mobile Preview even though I am a Windows Insider. I honestly can’t be bothered with phones anymore. When the RTM appears I will upgrade immediately, because I would like my phone to be faster. But I won’t be purchasing a flagship, or any other Windows Phone. At least for a while anyway.

That doesn’t mean I’m switching to Apple. On principle, that will never, ever happen. I make this statement on here, knowing that the Internet never forgets. I am that confident that I will never cross over.

Android is not a choice either – I’ve mentioned here that I only tolerated it because of my Note 8, and I’ve worked enough with it at work (device configuration for mobile data capture) and at home (parents’ tablets) to know that I could not use it for anything worthwhile.

In conclusion: I’m over phones. I’m just waiting for The One now.