RIP Chester ♥

I’ve written about my relationship with Linkin Park before, but never really in detail. I had a super long post planned about the impact that Linkin Park has had on my life, mainly because of Chester. His songs have taken on new meaning to me in the last few months, although I did basically ignore their new album (not my taste, and Lord knows I’ve expanded my music tastes over the last 2 years).

I’ve thought about writing this post all day, but as I sit here now, after reading a bunch of articles and thinkpieces about what happened, I don’t really have anything to say. Except I’ll keep listening to all my favourite songs, and some of the others too, just as I have for the last 15 years. Depression is a bitch. I’m sad for what has happened, and for his family, but I’m also happy that Chester is finally at peace. ♥

Official Linkin Park Facebook cover photo today. Beautiful.


Linkin Park ♥

I love Linkin Park. I got into rock music when I was about 13 because of (duh) a boy. Before that I was all this:

and then I was all this:

which prepared me for this:

A friend gave me Hybrid Theory and Meteora on one CD (it was 2003 ok). I played that CD in my portable CD player (still 2003 people) so much that it developed scratches.

I counted down until Minutes to Midnight came out, was nicely surprised with the different feel of A Thousand Suns, was glad they went back to basics with Living Things and was mildly irritated with The Hunting Party.

I always said that if they came to South Africa I would go. Unfortunately when they played Cape Town Stadium in 2012, I had no one to go with. Hmph.

Every exam I’ve studied for since Grade 9 has been set to a Linkin Park soundtrack. I don’t think it’s possible for me to study without it. Yes, that has caused some incidents where during the exam I would remember the lyrics of the song that was playing when I was studying a section, but not the actual work. Fortunately, those incidents were rare.

I had a poster of them from a 2003 Free4All up on my wall for 10 years – all through high school, university, even after I came home. What I’m trying to say is, I love Linkin Park.

I guess they are to me what the BeeGees are to my parents. Although I love the BeeGees also.