Lifehack for swallowing pills: Tried and confirmed

Today I tested out a lifehack for swallowing capsules. While I normally have no problem swallowing capsules, I’m always open to new/better ways of doing things. In keeping with my philosophy of questioning everything, I no longer just assume that the way I’ve always done something is the best way, or even the right way.

So it’s pretty cool that this trick worked. Put the capsules in your mouth, take a sip of water, tilt your head forward then back. The capsules will rise to the top of the water (in your mouth) and then tip down your throat automatically. Nice!


How finding the right exercise helped me stay motivated

It was with delight yesterday that when I came to the Vitals section in my Feedly, I saw a post waiting from Dick Talens. His post probably would have helped me more at the start of this year, when I began My Epic Revamp, but as with most posts on lifehacker, it was useful nonetheless.

I have never been an active person – my parents never encouraged that in us, and we never played around in the road outside, mostly because we live in a main road. I was also overweight as a child, so being forced to take part in PE classes or extramural sports was nightmarish for me.

The only thing I enjoyed was swimming. I’m pretty sure I spent all my childhood summers in the pool – if I had gone for lessons, I’m sure I would have been able to compete (and would have lost the weight). A number of forced hikes/outdoor experiences in school also made sure that I detested walking as well.

What I’m trying to say is, I don’t like exercise/physical activity. If I could plant myself in front of a computer for days, I would. I stand by that. I will always choose doing anything on a computer – coding, writing stories, playing The Sims 2, creating spreadsheets for fun, reorganising my cloud storage – over stepping outside.

The SO does not have this problem – while he loves the computery stuff almost as much as I do, he’s played cricket and soccer for most of his life, and routinely walks off injuries suffered while playing those sports. When I first attempted to get into shape almost 5 years ago, when I was 15 kg overweight, Shaun T’s Dance Party made me tear something slightly in my right knee. That had me walking with a limp for 6 months, a crutch for 3 months, added 15 more kg and I still have discomfort in that knee today.

That being said, that has changed a bit this year. A lot of it has to do with something Dick mentioned in his article: picking the right exercise discipline for your goals. When I decided to get serious about this stuff this year, running for weight loss never even crossed my mind, because of my knee issue. I decided instead to get more intense about my boxing routine.

This was the correct choice for me. Boxing gives me a much better return on my time spent vs calorie burn. It also provides a good outlet for stress – it is very therapeutic to beat on a bag and know that you’re releasing stress and calories at the same time. It’s also greatly improved the muscle tone in my upper arms, and increased my physical strength. When the kgs started dropping off a few months ago, the first visual indication was my shoulder/upper arm area becoming much smaller and tighter.

Boxing is fun as well. Once I’m in maintenance, I am seriously considering joining a boxing club, so that I can get trained, for real. For someone who does not like exercise, I think I’ve undergone a remarkable mindset change.