Home Affairs decided my new name for me

I posted on my GIS blog a few months ago about the deal with names. This was after I had heard some stories about Home Affairs unilaterally deciding that women should be assigned their husband’s surname, regardless of what they indicated when they signed the marriage register.

Guess what? The same thing happened to me. I indicated on the register that I would be hyphenating my name, and have spent the 9 months 3 weeks since the wedding parading around as such. So it was a surprise to me when I went to FNB to obtain a bank account verification letter that during the fingerprint check, I came up as Cindy Jayakumar.

I was expecting Cindy Williams, since I still haven’t done my new ID yet, but the FNB lady told me that Home Affairs updates the info as soon as the marriage is registered. Fine, but why then was it not Cindy Williams-Jayakumar? The FNB lady tells me that they always put the husband’s surname.

This was backed up a week later when I spoke to the lady from the SAGC, when she asked me why I wrote my registration exam as Cindy Williams, when all my correspondence was Cindy Williams-Jayakumar. When I explained to her about the ID, she said her daughter went through the same thing this year. When she queried why her ID was issued under her husband’s surname instead of under her original name as requested, she was informed by the Home Affairs guy that she may as well not have gotten married if she was not going to change to her husband’s surname. Charming.

In any case, I have had a change of heart, and by that I mean it was taking super long to write my name out, so when I do go get my new ID, I will accept my new name graciously.


Plotting the best course to Home Affairs

I seriously need to get to Home Affairs. I’ve been putting it off since March, but I’m tired of hanging around in between names. On Monday I got really fed up so I went to have photos taken.

The old me would have made sure my hair was styled, the makeup was on etc…so naturally I went there with my hair in a bun on top with the obstinate small hairs quickly flattened with my fingers, along with a slick of lip gloss. Yay for being super chilled and not stressing anymore!

Now that I’ve got those, the only thing left is to go to Home Affairs. Problem is, only select ones are open on a Saturday (and not every Saturday, mind you) and the information on the internet is often outdated, so you have to phone them to make sure of their opening times for that week. Yet they very rarely answer the phones…

I thought about taking leave to go sort it out, but then HR went ahead and deducted the shutdown period leave (3 weeks!) so now I’m technically in minus days until Dec, which means I can’t take more leave 😥