This is the one: Cloud storage edition #2 (debate)

I’ve been down this road before. I’ve ranted about OneDrive, and I’ve also swooned about it. Just going to link to that image again:

In my original post from 2015, I captioned this: “How do you like them Apples?” Now I just sigh.

With those storage limits now a long distant memory, yesterday I turned the PC on to find this

Snip of OneDrive cloud icon in system tray showing storage is full - Why yes, I did hodge-podge this together in Paint. I'm not going to spend an hour in GIMP trying to accomplish the same thing.

Why yes, I did hodge-podge this together in Paint. I’m not going to spend an hour in GIMP trying to accomplish the same thing.

I then go to check my account storage and find this:



My last enthusiast bonus expired, so now I’m down to a 30GB limit. Yes, I can probably remove a bunch of (mostly work-related) stuff, but now that I’ve been entrenching myself within the Google ecosystem over the last year, I thought that perhaps it was relooking at Google Drive. Or finally rolling my own cloud solution, which I’m pretty sure I’ve been threatening to do for at least 2 years now. Oh well.

So, my options are:

  • Stick with OneDrive
  • Migrate to Google Drive (and eventually change my digital ecosystem)
  • Roll my own cloud storage

I think this debate and decision needs to be carried out simultaneously with the creation of my home network (now that we know we’re staying) and my backup solution (because, seriously cloud storage != backup).


Almost there but not quite yet

I just received my invite to the Microsoft Office for Android tablets preview. Yay! I joined the Google group, signed up as a beta tester, clicked the Play Store download link, pushed it to my Note, then opened the link.


Gah. Guess I’ll be downloading Canada’s Kitkat firmware for my Note tonight.


I’ll happily take this bullet

I haven’t mentioned Pushbullet in a post yet, which is odd considering what an integral part of my daily life it forms. I have talked extensively about OneNote on my other blog, but Pushbullet has essentially taken over one of the main functions I used OneNote for: Internet clippings.

I would copy/paste, use the native Internet Explorer add-in, use the Firefox/Chrome extension etc to get things that I wanted to keep off the Internet and into OneNote. I still do that occasionally, although now I use Pocket to do some of that as well. I’ve been using Pushbullet since April of this year, and I can’t imagine life without it now. Of course, I had to accept the fact that I had to use my Google account with it (yet again), but it’s been a small price to pay for never having to email myself again.

Whenever I see an article I want to send to a friend, I Push it. When I see an article I want to read on my Note, I Push it to my Chrome. When I’m checking a link on my Lumia, I Push it via Bullet Bill to “all my devices” if I haven’t decided whether I’ll rather view it on my Note or laptop. I Push tab screenshots, screen clips, files, and shopping lists. It is the most convenient app ever, and the devs are brilliant – always updating with new features and options, fixing things which break, making things look better etc.

It was today’s Chrome extension update, and seeing the Opera extension which spurred me to write this post. Pushbullet has not reached critical mass yet, so I also want to have proof that “I was using it before it became cool”. Lol.