Predestination: Wait, what??

This movie made me get lost inside my own mind. It was like Inception with time travel instead of dreams, made with slightly more sense and a lot more ewwwwww grooooooooossssss.

My goodness. They went there. The clues were building up, and I was like, no they cannot be serious. But they were. So, so serious. Although, now I’m a fan of the Spierig Brothers, because if I have to take something away from this movie, it’s that those two can certainly tell a story. Sarah Snook is an excellent actress as well.


Hold onto your hats

Looks like Mzansi will be getting a proper Black Friday this year, what with Takealot Tuesday tomorrow, Wootware counting down until Friday, and the Kalahari TV advert for the 24 hour sale on 28/11/2014.

I’m super amped, if only just to browse through the deals and analyse their dealworthiness. Not planning on buying anything though, no sir not me. I’m not even going to look at my new shiny pink credit card.



I wish I would be able to stop…

…but not really. I cannot stop listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989. It is, amazing. Maybe it’s to do with the fact that we are the same age and going through the quarter-life crisis. I think it’s more to do with the fact that she’s gone full pop now, which makes listening to her an option.

I don’t really like the upbeat songs, like Shake It Off. I prefer the ones which sound like Katy Perry should be singing them. Last week I was feeling I Wish You Would, while this week I’m feeling Clean. To counteract any Swift fatigue, I’ve been mixing the songs in the playlist with Maroon 5’s V and St Lucia’s When The Night. And a sprinkling of kdrama OSTs.


I’ll happily take this bullet

I haven’t mentioned Pushbullet in a post yet, which is odd considering what an integral part of my daily life it forms. I have talked extensively about OneNote on my other blog, but Pushbullet has essentially taken over one of the main functions I used OneNote for: Internet clippings.

I would copy/paste, use the native Internet Explorer add-in, use the Firefox/Chrome extension etc to get things that I wanted to keep off the Internet and into OneNote. I still do that occasionally, although now I use Pocket to do some of that as well. I’ve been using Pushbullet since April of this year, and I can’t imagine life without it now. Of course, I had to accept the fact that I had to use my Google account with it (yet again), but it’s been a small price to pay for never having to email myself again.

Whenever I see an article I want to send to a friend, I Push it. When I see an article I want to read on my Note, I Push it to my Chrome. When I’m checking a link on my Lumia, I Push it via Bullet Bill to “all my devices” if I haven’t decided whether I’ll rather view it on my Note or laptop. I Push tab screenshots, screen clips, files, and shopping lists. It is the most convenient app ever, and the devs are brilliant – always updating with new features and options, fixing things which break, making things look better etc.

It was today’s Chrome extension update, and seeing the Opera extension which spurred me to write this post. Pushbullet has not reached critical mass yet, so I also want to have proof that “I was using it before it became cool”. Lol.


Snowpiercer: May I have some more?

A movie made by a South Korean, primarily in English with an emphasis on plot?

Starring Chris Evans as a convincing protagonist with nothing to lose and everything to gain?

With lots of bloody action?

Set in a dystopian future brought about by Man’s own hubris?

Filled with foreshadowing and symbolism?

Yes please, on so many levels. Grace my eyeballs with your beauty.



It’s Britney yes

At the end of November last year my sisters and I went gift shopping to pick up the last few things. We popped in by a local pharmacy which normally has a basket of discounted goods, like lotions and stuff which expires in 6 months for up to 75% off. Turns out they had Britney Spears’ fragrance gift sets, containing 25% larger bottles for 33% less than other stores, plus it was the last Wednesday of the month so there was a further 10% off. Can I say couponed?