MCU :: Phase 1 :: Movie 4 :: Thor

Link to the series

Year of release: 2011

When I watched it first: 2014

Number of times watched: 2

I never liked Thor. I was super into Greek mythology when I was young – I checked out all the books and encyclopedias (how fucking old am I???) from various local libraries and reread them multiple times. I knew the origin stories of the entire Greek pantheon, their powers, their major (and minor) adventures, as well as those of their children (soooooo many children born as a result of “mischief”) and the human heroes who had to contend with these crazy gods.

Once I had exhausted the Greeks, I started reading Norse mythology. I did not find it as interesting as the Greek, I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the names, who knows. My point is, I only knew the basics, and those basics made me not bother watching Thor when it came out.

When it became evident that the MCU was not going anywhere, I made an effort to watch it. I was disengaged throughout, and all I could remember about it was that it was dark, as in literally dark – all the sets seemed dim, like they couldn’t afford the electricity bill. Now that I’ve rewatched it (and paid attention), I enjoyed it more (seems obvious). I generally like anything that Kat Dennings is in, and Chris Hemsworth is actually a pretty funny guy. Also, I can see how badly Tom Hiddleston’s Loki wig has degraded over the course of the sequels. Just, no.

My totally arbitrary score: 5/10

Next up: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).

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