MCU :: Phase 1 :: Movie 3 :: Iron Man 2

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Year of release: 2010

When I watched it first: 2010

Number of times watched: ~3.5

I always felt like this movie was just nonsensical (the 0.5 viewing was where I fell asleep halfway). Sam Rockwell is very underrated, even when he is hamming it up like in this movie, Mickey Rourke is, something, and the gratuitous stuff surrounding Black Widow’s introduction is just, ugh. Gwyneth Paltrow irritates me even more in this sequel, and Tony becomes Tonier. I do love Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard though.

Image result for don cheadle replacing terrence howard meme

There may be….something…wrong with Terrence Howard.

Next up: Thor (2011).


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