MCU :: Phase 1 :: Movie 1 :: Iron Man

I’ve decided to do the whole “watch one MCU movie per week so that I’ll be caught up by the time Infinity War comes out” thing. I thought about it watching it in chronological order, but decided to watch it in Phase order instead. I’ve seen all moves in the MCU so far at least once (with the exception of The Incredible Hulk), but I am not my husband – I have no problem with watching a movie multiple times. In fact, I should probably keep a list of movies which are good for repeat viewings forever. Hmm…

Saturday nights are the designated time slot for this experiment (we rarely go anywhere. Introversion FTW!). I started on the first Saturday of the year with the movie which kicked this whole shebang off, Iron Man.

Year of release: 2008

When I watched it first: 2008

Number of times watched: ~6

I really enjoyed this first one, mostly by ignoring Gwyneth Paltrow. It was fun, had good action and RDJ really brought the character to life. Not that I know anything about comic books really beyond what I’ve absorbed through popular culture and various animated versions when I was small – I have tried, many times, to try to read comic books, I just think it’s just not for me. One could also argue that these characters have long outgrown their comic book roots now.

I feel that the movie still holds up 10 years later.


Man of iron indeed.

Next up: The Incredible Hulk (2008).

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