Curly Girl Method update

It’s been 2 and a half months since I started the Curly Girl method. What have I learnt so far? Going natural is hard. It’s been a mission of trial and error, trying to figure out which products and techniques work for me. I’ve mostly found out which don’t.

I’ve discovered that while gel was the only reliable method to make my hair curly when I was using silicones and sulphates, it absolutely does not work for me anymore. My hair becomes crunchy and sticky, and doesn’t curl at all. I lost my shit when I discovered that Clicks was stocking the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie which I’ve seen people worshiping on Reddit. I was disappointed when it was priced much more than the American counterpart, and it didn’t really work on my hair.

That being said, the plopping technique has definitely improved things, and I’ve also added in some cold diffusion with my head upside down to create volume. Unfortunately I have to conduct proper trials, where I only change one product/method per week, and see how that goes before declaring something a failure. I also really want the Shea Moisture range to work because the fragrance gives me life.

Below are the results after brushing my hair out for the first time (I think this was around the 6 week mark and I only did it for a Reddit challenge):

And that, kids, is why curlies don’t use a brush.

Another surprising thing I discovered is that my R120 Wet Brush Wavy comb (specifically made for curly hair) does not compare to the R15 wide tooth flexible comb I bought at Dis-chem. My current routine (based on washing twice a week, current products in bold):

Exactly like this.

After doing all of that, my hair will start frizzing about 30 minutes later. Eh, what can you do. There are still too many variables in the mix for me to determine what the actual problem is (diet is a big one), so I’m just going to go along with it for now.

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