It begins…

…or rather, it began on Sunday, when we kicked off The Regimen. Hopefully this is the last time I have to come up with a name for something like this, because seriously, I don’t want to go through this again. I’ve designated three phase types:

  • Losing
  • Toning
  • Gaining

The carb cycles differ depending on which phase we’re in. Each cycle consists of 3 weeks in a phase, with the 4th week being Maintenance to avoid plateauing. This time around we’ve got money, so I won’t be overdosing on soy protein again. We’re also reducing the dependency on red meat (I’m all for it, my husband acquiesced), so the majority of the protein will now come from fish, chicken and venison.

My exercise routine is pretty much the same as last time, although I’ve replaced Shaun T with The Fitness Marshall. I’ve also allocated the pure cardio session only once per week now, as the other LCD sessions will be strength-cardio instead. The boxing sessions remain unchanged on HCD days. Since we’re starting in a Losing phase, I’ve put a toning/flex session once a week as well. There’s no point now in trying to tone fat. Once we head into the Gaining and Toning phases I’ll replace the pure cardio session with an additional toning session.

I haven’t ironed out all the kinks yet, but it’s been 3 days and we’re on track. It’s fitting to me that we’ve finally gotten started in October, which I view as a month of rebirth and transformation.

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