Trying out new things: Wine

The experience: The concept of drinking Wine

The location: All over the show

The situation: I’ve been neglecting the blog recently due to reasons and stuff, so now I’m going through all of my draft posts to see if there is anything still of relevance before moving onto new posts. This post was drafted on 11 Feb 2017, so I feel like a lot has changed since I was going to start writing it.

I guess Wine is not a new thing to me anymore, because I tried it out, and it’s awesome. It’s all about how you approach the concept – once I removed the shackles from my mind (and the burdens of the past), I could experience and appreciate Wine for what it is – something that you drink. Nothing more, nothing less.

The test: I’ve tried enough low – high-end whites, and low – mid-end reds, at home and in restaurants.

The analysis: Through trial and error (and a lot of bottles ending up as cooking wine), I chose my house wine, which is the wine I keep in the house at all times. It’s perfect for that evening “Aaaaaah” after a long day at work, with enough of a buzz to keep one relaxed, but not enough to get you drunk. Initially, this wine would make me drunk, but then again, cough syrup would have made me drunk at the beginning.

The verdict: I’m a red person. When we go out to eat at Restaurants (capitalised purposely, more on that later), I’ve made it a habit to order a different glass of red every time, in order to “expand my palate” or something. The only thing I won’t do is go wine tasting. Mainly because the hubby is not into drinking (I just think it’s because he hasn’t found his tipple of choice yet), but also because we both have a negative association with it. I prefer my methods of finding new wines anyway.

Image result for wine meme

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