Week 1 of #FB30 complete

I’m now on Day 9 of the FB30 Round 1 workout programme. The first week went very well – I’ve felt the soreness in my muscles everyday, but not to the point where it is painful or I feel like I need to skip today’s workout.

I skipped Friday’s optional stretching workout (though I had intended to do it) because I had to go to town on Friday instead of Bellville so I was bushed. When I weighed in on Sunday, I was down 1kg for the week, and lost 1% body fat. I haven’t started taking cm measurements yet.

This week I can see is more focussed on strength training, so I’ve assigned HC days until Wednesday with LC on Thursday and Friday for the Pilates/HIIT and stretching workouts.

I must say, I haven’t felt hungry a single day on this regime, partly because I’m returning to the habits I developed last year very quickly. Hopefully, this means that just as my body relapsed to my previous life’s habits, it will also revert quickly to the new approach I adopted last year.

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