Going natural: No makeup

Just when I had really started getting into makeup (I hadn’t even had a chance to blog about it here yet), I have to stop wearing it. My skin is doing some crazy things (dry, blotchy, then oily, then ???), so in order to know what’s really going on, I’m going natural.

Now is the best time to do it, since I’m exercising regularly and “clean eating“. After a month of this, I should be able to see results and determine if it was a phase, or something I need to go to a dermatologist for.

Honestly though, after only 3 days I can already see that the “dry” skin that I thought my skin type had morphed into is actually still the combination skin I’ve always had. The only thing that’s changed is that I am not normal/combo anymore (normal cheeks, oily T-Zone), but sensitive/combo (drier cheeks prone to redness and blotchiness, oily T-zone).

Switching back to a combination moisturiser from a normal/dry one, I saw the difference immediately. It is so important to get the fundamentals right, because there was no point to my switching foundations, learning correct application techniques and using fancy brushes if my skin was not in a good place.

I have no problem walking around in public without makeup on – I enjoyed playing with the makeup and using the new skills I learned (from YouTube). Now I moisturise, apply my sunscreen, and style my brows. I also use a bit of eye primer with some neutral eye shadow and mascara.

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