The only workout programme that works is one that you can stick to

While I spent the first two weeks of our workout programme sticking to the preset food and working out 6 days a week, my husband struggled to adapt. I thought it was similar to what I went through when I first embarked on my epic revamp last year, and reckoned that he just needed a while to adjust because it was more of a drastic change for him.

It turns out that I couldn’t just double the food I was eating, give it to him and expect a similar result. I made this mistake despite all the research I’ve put into this area over the last 18 months. He told me last night that he was so tired from the reduced food that he didn’t have the energy to exercise when we get home in the afternoons (he exercised 2 out of the 12 sessions that I did).

His metabolism has always been super fast, and I regularly got irritated by the fact that he would lift weights for an hour at the gym, and results would be noticeable the next day. Muscles would sprout from nowhere, while I would wait weeks to see small results from my consistent exercise and food control.

Nevertheless, we have reached a suitable agreement. From Monday (this week is maintenance week), I will remain on my high protein/carb cycling/cardio-strength training regime. He will have his own breakfast, lunch and training regimen, while we will share suppers and weekend food. Example:


  • Protein muffin (egg, cottage cheese, ostrich mince, mixed veg)
  • High protein sandwich (Seed loaf, egg, cottage cheese, beef/chicken)

Morning snack:

  • Homemade protein bar with Greek yoghurt and mixed seeds


  • Protein with veg (and sweet potato & butternut mash if it’s high carb day)
  • Slowcooked protein & veg with small portion carb (rice/noodles)

Pre-workout snack:

  • Booster muffin (oats, bran, bananas, cinnamon, reduced sugar)


  • Recovery smoothie (banana, protein powder, cup of berries, tbsp mixed nuts and seeds, green tea, cinnamon, kale, Greek yoghurt

Evening snack (if required):

  • Provita / cottage cheese / 20g biltong

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