I won something for the second time ever!

After celebrating last week after I won something for the first time, I got a sms yesterday morning saying that I won one of the three glass cookware sets that the PNP up the road was giving away last week.

The SO and I had driven from the Woolies across the road from us to the other Woolies 6 minutes away 2 Friday nights ago because we were looking for rotisserie chicken (smoothies were not going to cut it). Of course, it being after 7pm already, all the chickens were sold out. We then trudged to the PNP to get chicken there.

As we left the deli counter, hubby noticed a sign on top saying if you spent >R100 at the bakery or deli you could enter the competition. On a whim, I asked the person who helped us about it (she didn’t know anything about it, nor did the bakery lady). Turns out the entry box was under the customer care counter (???). The guy checked and said there were only 2 slips inside, so mine was the 3rd in.

Hubby mentioned it on Saturday, wondering if we were going to win or not. I said it was probably one of those competitions where they never actually award the prize…

I ended up using the 2.5l bowl to store the lunch food for the week (slowcooked chicken and stirfry veg in a creamy thyme sauce) and the middle bowl to store tomorrow’s supper and Friday’s lunch (ostrich sausage bredie with butter beans). Thanks PNP!

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