Our epic revamp starts…today

Despite me trying to get this off the ground several times, I finally realised that the only way to do this properly is to return to the way I did it last year.

That is why today is the start of Our Epic Revamp. Similar to mine, this one will involve carb cycling and six days of exercise per week (different combos of cardio and strength for me and the SO), in a monthly cycle of 3 weeks Training, 1 week maintenance for 3 months. After each quarter the exercise and food pattern will be adjusted to account for gains.

As an example, today is LC.

  • Breakfast: Two high protein egg muffins containing ostrich mince, cottage cheese and mixed veg
  • Lunch: Two high protein fish cakes with stirfry veg and chunky cottage cheese
  • Supper: Protein smoothie
  • Snack: 2 tbsp double cream yoghurt with mixed nuts and seeds
  • Exercise: The Fitness Marshall for 40 minutes of hip hop cardio

I would add one of my homemade protein bars as a morning snack but I forgot to take them out the freezer :-/

One thought on “Our epic revamp starts…today

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