Our epic revamp – an update

It’s going terribly. I honestly believe that’s because I am no longer tracking obsessively. That’s got a lot to do with all the changes I went through this year, but I cannot use that excuse anymore.

I’ve decided to return to the strict tracking I did last year which enabled me to lose 25kg. Now that I’ve put 9kg back on (sigh…), I have to get serious about things again. MFP’s site looks a bit better now as well.

I am concerned about finding a replacement for all the soy protein I was consuming last year, as that was a quick and easy way to boost the protein content of all savoury/sweet meals. I suppose that now my husband is joining me on the quest, buying whey protein in bulk won’t be so irritating now.

Also there is an excellent python library to scrape MFP data, which I am itching to get my hands into.

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