A best-of-both exercise & food programme: Part 3

I really am not sure why I titled this series “best-of-both”. Both what? I have no idea.

Anyway, in part 2 I said my next post would be about the food and operations during Maintenance week and weekends. On weekends, one breakfast will be oats with plain yoghurt, and the other breakfast will be eggs and some form of protein, such as a pork chop or steak, with a small carb. Which weekend day it falls on depends on the schedule for the day.

Lunch on Saturdays and supper on Sundays will be a wrap filled with salads and a protein. Supper on Saturday will be a roti with curry or wholewheat homemade pizza. Lunch on Sundays will be a bit heavier because of the strength training and boxing session later in the day. This will be breyani, or curry and rice or something like that. Some weekends we will braai on the Saturday night, so that will serve as food for supper and all meals on Sunday.

During Maintenance week, the food is the same as Training week, except the low carb mash is replaced with either basmati rice or a small portion of pasta of some kind. The supper smoothie is replaced with a fancy salad or couscous with either chicken or beef, depending on what the lunch protein was.

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