Newbie pains and gains, again

We kicked off our epic revamp on Tuesday as scheduled. With the new 5 day routine, for the first month I will be doing 3 cardio, 2 strength. I decided not to use my wrist weights this week, to just get my body back into workout mode.

I started with the 45 minute dance workout, which got my heart rate above 190 a few times, but I was able to complete it without a significant impact on my fitness level. My arms were as tired as if I had used my wrist weights though, but that is too be expected.

On Wednesday, I did Amy’s 30 Minute full body dumbbell workout for some strength training with a bit of cardio. In the process, I destroyed my thighs. Last year, I could do this workout with 4.5 kg dumbbells and feel the burn, but not the pain. I struggled with my 2kg dumbbells on Wednesday, and I still can’t walk down the stairs because my legs refuse to cooperate.

Overall, it was a good start, but I could not bear the thought of doing Shaun’s Dance Party again last night, particularly because I have to drive today (ugh). Instead, we’re going shopping later, so I’ll do a bit more walking to release some of the muscle tension, and then do Shaun’s 25 minute booty workout instead (which is cardio with squats).

One thought on “Newbie pains and gains, again

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