Sticking with eBucks…for now

After having a minor meltdown about the eBucks rule changes announced on 1 June, and then realising I was overthinking it and it was actually fine, I revisited the idea of upgrading to Platinum again.

With the new rules coming into effect on 1 July, it will be much easier for me to calculate my rewards since the Gold rewards are now capped based on fixed amounts and not percentage anymore.

For example: I ran my app on my June transactions this morning, and realised that my Checkers spend is currently sitting at 25% of my qualifying spend. Since the (current) Gold rule is capped at 20% of QS or R7000, whichever comes first, I need to get my QS up to get my Checkers ratio down.

Fortunately, since payday is on Friday, there are some bills I need to swipe, some additions to the home gym need to be purchased, and we should probably fill the jerry can and cars with fuel before the price increase.

From July, it will be nice not to have to worry about that kind of thing, since Checkers is now capped at R4000. The downside of these rules means that, based on our current (slowing) spend, the maximum eBucks we will get each month will be about R1100.

On Monday, I did a quick Excel analysis of our average monthly spend, and the rewards we could expect based on new rules for Gold and Platinum. Taking into account monthly fees, despite receiving more overall rewards on Platinum, we still lose out because of the cheque account fee (double Gold).

In conclusion, we will remain on Gold. There’s less hassle with more rewards and it aligns with our reduced spending habits.

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