Now this is how you purchase a home gym

Yesterday, the SO and I popped around to Makro to get the components for his (our?) home gym. After cancelling my gym membership, we were eager to get the parts in place so that he can cancel his and I can finally return to my roots.

Since we’ve tightened our belts over the last two months, our eBucks rewards have also dropped, because not spending real money always trumps getting fake money back for spending more. Seriously, our total monthly spend has dropped by about R4000, so our qualifying monthly spend is even lower.

Nevertheless, we did have some rewards as I was able to convert my 11191 eB into a R1865 Makro voucher. This, in conjunction with the health equipment sale, allowed us to obtain a bench with an included barbell and curling bench, as well as a set of plates for free. We were also able to get two more sets of plates at a reduced price, as well as mats for the tiled floor and a core stretcher band thingy for me.

Overall, an excellent haul, and I’m super psyched to be able to do my workouts again. I’m also looking forward to adding some barbell work in addition to my dumbbell exercises on my strength days.

One thought on “Now this is how you purchase a home gym

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