Goodbye to gym, again

After much discussion, the SO and I have decided to quit gym. After my failed attempts at gym in 2013, and the results I achieved in 2015 with my epic revamp, gym never made a lot of sense for me. I tried for the sake of my husband, who absolutely needs his bench press and weights, but I cannot function in a gym.

The only healthy lifestyle that is sustainable is the one that you can sustain. For me, that means portioning/weighing my food out on Sundays for the week, coming home straight after work, doing whichever 45 minute workout video I’ve chosen for the day, and getting into my studies. My husband prefers to gym for 90 minutes, which is OK because he enjoys it and his body seems to like the punishment.

Going to gym did not suit either of us. We could only start gym at 17:00 and leave at 18:30 to get home after 7. I would have an unsatisfactory 45 minute session, unable to achieve my HR zones because I hate the cardio equipment. I’d also experience inadequate strength workouts as I had no guarantee I would be able to complete three super circuits in a row due to certain people hogging machines on the circuit instead of the standalone ones.

My husband would only complete half of his workout, or try to condense it. He would also encounter the machine hogs, who would congregate in groups of three around one bench to cheer each other on. In other words, it does not make sense to go to gym anymore when we can use eBucks to get him a bench and weights. I already have my space, a mat, some dumbbells and YouTube.

Now the next problem is actually getting out of the 12 month contract. We don’t mind paying a cancellation fee, because even if it’s the remainder of the contract, it’s money we would have wasted anyway by not going. Working out at home will be much better instead.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to gym, again

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