Tweaking the gym schedule

After trying my workout on Wednesday, I realised I didn’t account for the fools who loiter on the super circuit instead of loitering in the weights section, because there are like 2 matching machines there for every machine on the circuit.

So, since fools gonna fool, I will be adjusting my workout accordingly. I also need to switch up my stretches because my knee was not happy with me.

  • W :: 1 min :: Static stretching
  • W :: 2 min :: Dynamic stretching
  • W :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 1 – 3
  • S :: 9 min :: Super circuit
  • C :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 4 – 6
  • S :: 9 min :: Super circuit :: 2
  • C :: 5 min :: Cross trainer :: 6 – 4
  • W :: 2 min :: Static stretching

That workout is a total of 38 minutes. With a 1 minute buffer in between each section for walking across the gym, it comes to a total of 43 minutes. I then still have a 2 minute buffer ICOF (in case of fools).

I watched on Wednesday as a really skinny guy was on the leg curl machine. He had the weight on the lightest level (4.5kg) and was curling so fast the plates kept bashing together. Seriously, all he is going to achieve with that is skinnier legs. It really irks me that I lose valuable training time because some people are there for show.

3 thoughts on “Tweaking the gym schedule

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