Starting gym this week

Despite giving up on the whole institution of gym way back before My Epic Revamp, I have since signed up again.

This is mainly because traffic is a nightmare in the afternoons, and my husband insisted on having an environment where he can exercise freely. He, however, has not been a Virgin Active member before.

I completed my online sign up without a problem, as my previous profile was already loaded. We couldn’t get his application to work, so after a round of call centre complaints, Twitter and HelloPeter, I got him an appointment with a consultant (they were still building the gym so it wasn’t officially open yet).

The consultant “signed him up” in person. I’ve put that in quotes because his membership was supposed to kick in on 1 April, but the debit order didn’t run, so obviously it wasn’t processed. Did I mention that he “signed up” on 25 Feb?

So instead of actually working out today, we have an appointment with the manager to sort out his issues, and also so that I can complain that the full membership fee for March was deducted from my account, despite the club only officially opening on 23 March. Not off to a great start.

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