A mini epic revamp

In my final epic revamp post, I mentioned that it’s no longer a revamp, but merely the new normal. While I may not need to track food weight and calories anymore, I’m now living out the principles I chose last year.

This week though, I’ve temporarily returned to my strict regime because of a certain event which is approaching. I’m doing a version of my LCD/HCD cycling by doing 4 cardio/LCDs and 2 strength/HCDs.

My knee hurt for the first two days back in, but it’s getting better now. I’m looking forward to increasing the gains I’ve obtained – I’m starting to get the ab line shape on my stomach, despite there still being a bunch of fat there. I may just be able to wear a crop top while on holiday and not feel like I’m destroying everyone’s eyesight.

On an unrelated note, I may have started down a fruit Mentos addiction road. I’m honestly surprised I still have teeth left.

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