It’s my 27th birthday

After I went through my QLC two years ago, I have been treated like my age. People always call me ma’am now, and I’m now referred to as “mama” by the petrol guys instead of “sisi”.

In my head though, I’m still 21. I don’t know why, but that’s the last age that got fixed in my brain. When people have asked me my age since then, I automatically think 21, before counting forward to my actual age.

It’s not that I think I look 21 or anything – I definitely do not, although most people guess that I am about 3 years younger than I really am. I guess I looked forward to 21 so much that any birthday that has come afterwards has been “meh”.

Again, it’s not like I had a blowout party for my 21st (I actively campaigned to not have a party), so that number is just sitting there in my mind, causing me to seem a bit slow when I can’t give my age immediately.

I’m celebrating today by going to work (bleurgh), getting my hair done afterwards (argh) and meeting the SO for supper (😍).

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