I got home today at 17:00. Excited that I was a bit early (these days anyway), I sat down at my server to internet a bit.

I should have seen the warning sign – my phone was picking up the wifi but showing “No internet”. I just assumed it was stupid Windows Phone again so I rebooted the phone. My server seemed to be working fine as I cruised around UNISA and MyBroadband with no problems.

I then went onto the forums and saw a few people complaining about not being able to reach Google. A short while later my fears were confirmed – SEACOM and WACS were both down, so no one in SA could reach any international sites.

The last 2 hours that I’ve spent with only Mzansi sites within reach has basically been a dystopian nightmare. It made me realise that none of my important sites are here. There’s MyBB for the forums, UNISA for UNISA, and Daily Maverick for pontificating. There are literally no other local sites I visit.

At least it’s back now. I’ve also realised that there is no way we will survive at the new digs without internet. I’m going to have to swallow my pride and apply to Telkom for a landline.

Seems about right

2 thoughts on “NO INTERNET!!!

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