My Epic Revamp: Fitness Edition (Final Update)

  1. Use technology to the max: As I stated in my previous update, I stopped tracking my food obsessively, because I no longer need to. I can eyeball portion sizes now, and pretty much just stay away from anything processed. The Garmin Connect app for Windows 10 is now working beautifully after a shaky start, so I’ll be holding onto the Vivofit for a while longer.
  2. 8000 steps a day (minimum): I’m averaging about 12000 steps a day now, so I’ve long surpassed this requirement.
  3. Increase my overall stamina: Still increasing. Now that the SO is training me, I can break out of the plateau.
  4. Increase my overall flexibility: I judge this by how close my chest gets to my thighs if I’m sitting on the mat and touching my toes. There’s definitely been an improvement.
  5. Stick to my workout schedule: This is still a bit loose, but I’ve been getting in 1 hour sessions 3-4 times a week.

One thought on “My Epic Revamp: Fitness Edition (Final Update)

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