My last day

Today is my last day at work. Yesterday I packed up my books, gave away files and mugs, and removed my Hello Kitty figurines from my screen.

This morning I handed in my laptop for formatting (the uber laptop that I begged for, and only used for three months).

I am typing this in the new WordPress desktop app on Astro, while I wait for hometime. I had a lovely farewell lunch yesterday with a friend from the Water Unit, a GIS colleague and my older sister, who is admin support for my Unit (Advisory & Asset Management).

While today is certainly an ending, it is more a beginning. I am getting officially engaged on Sunday, wedding prep is in full swing, and I have a month to learn how GIS works outside of ArcGIS.

I also have to carry on with My Epic Revamp, and there is only a week until Christmas! Exciting stuff.

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