Dealing with my soy allergy diagnosis

Yesterday morning, my lips started “drying” out, so I put on lip balm as usual. By last night, they were tingling, and by this morning they were slightly swollen. I vaguely realised that it was similar to what I experienced last week, but things seemed fine.

It was only ten minutes ago after I was talking to a colleague about it that I realised what it was. About 3 hours ago, a colleague came to talk to me. He was carrying his box of Futurelife Smart Oats. While he was talking to me, I idly noted that in the top corner of the box it carried a label: “Soy-Free”.

So it literally just dawned on me that yesterday and today, I had oats with mixed berries, cinnamon and milk. What else did I mix into it? About a teaspoon of High Protein Futurelife, because I’m almost done with the bag. I removed all obvious forms of soy last week, like my protein powder and beans, but somehow completely forgot about this.

Right now, my lips are still tingly, and are slightly swollen. If it follows what happened last week, I should look like Jay-Z by tomorrow morning. I don’t intend on eating soybeans today though like I did last week, so I can probably avoid that fate. Maybe I’ll get an Angelina pout for the day instead.

3 thoughts on “Dealing with my soy allergy diagnosis

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